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T-Bones Restaurant

T-Bones Restaurant is one of Scarborough's best known burger joints. Though hardly the fanciest establishment in the neighbourhood, many swear by this 24-hour staple.

According to local legend, the building that now houses T-Bones was once a Wendy's.

Its bright red exterior and chunky yellow logo make this difficult to believe. The design is so quintessentially Scarborough that few can imagine it as anything else.

T Bones steakThe dining room can likewise be considered a Scarborough original. With the exception of a few artificial plants, ornamentation is sparse and polish is practically non-existent.

T Bones steakDespite looking a little rough around the edges, T-Bones does steady business. Construction workers and commuters enter in droves at lunchtime, leaving with paper bags filled with greasy takeout.

As far as food is concerned, T-Bones is an old-school diner through and through.t bones scarborough

The menu is displayed on a set of hanging signs above the service counter, though you won't have to look at them for very long; chances are you'll smell the food the moment you walk into the restaurant.

T-Bones mainly offers standard diner fare — steaks, burgers and the like. Breakfast dishes, including omelettes and egg sandwiches, are also available.

t bones steakT-Bones signature dish is, of course, a 16-oz T-Bone Steak ($22.99).

This enormous piece of meat comes with your choice of fries, salad or mashed potatoes, as well as butter, steak sauce and a fluffy dinner roll.

T Bones steakIf you're in the mood for something meaty, but don't have room for a full-sized steak, the T-Bone Sirloin Burger ($6.95) is a great alternative.

The beef patty is thick, juicy and filling and can be garnished with a wide variety of toppings.

T Bones steakI was honestly a little underwhelmed by the Fish & Chips ($13.95), which was satisfying, but somewhat under seasoned.

Sides of ketchup and tartar sauce kept me from being too disappointed, but I couldn't help but feel like the fish itself was missing something.

T Bones steakThe Chef Salad ($5.50) is a lighter option, which can be added to a meal or eaten on its own.

Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers are arranged in a colourful display, then topped with a ramekin of homemade dressing, which gives the vegetables a pleasantly vinegary taste.

T Bones steakWhether you're craving steak on the way to the office or eggs in the wee hours of the morning, T-Bones has you covered.T Bones steakT-Bones Restaurant is located at 2540 Eglinton Ave E.

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T-Bones Restaurant

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T-Bones Restaurant

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