Sweet Gallery

When I visited the Sweet Gallery around lunchtime the other day, I was immediately confronted with a dilemma. Which should I have first: lunch or dessert?

Tearing my gaze away from the tempting glass display of luscious-looking pastries, cakes and chocolates, I dutifully pored over the menu . The Sweet Gallery offers a wide range of soups and sandwiches ranging from $3.95-$7.95, but I end up ordering one of the daily specials, Chicken Paprikash ($8.95).

But by this time my willpower had crumbled. I was sitting right beside the pastry display (how much torture do you expect a chocolaholic to endure?) with a clear view of the assorted pastries, chocolates, cakes and flans. All of the Sweet Gallery's delicacies are made specifically for the store.

I end up ordering a Chocolate Mouse ($1.95). After admiring the craftmanship for several seconds, I bite the wee thing's head off. Mmmm. A caramel cookie base hidden beneath the chocolate adds crunch.

I took the Chicken Paprikash home, where it made an excellent dessert later in the day.


The Sweet Gallery offers many European desserts and coffee in addition to its breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. You can read through the menu on the company's Web site .

Reservations strongly recommended, at least for lunch; the place was pretty packed when I visited, and several tables were already reserved. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Sweet Gallery has two other locations in the GTA (both are closed Mondays):

2312 Bloor St. W, 416-766-0289

350 Bering Ave, 416-232-1539


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