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SOS Pasta

SOS Pasta offers build-your-own pasta, charcoal-infused spaghetti, and vegan lasagna in convenient takeout boxes. 

Pronounced "sauce," SOS is the first pasta brand born out of Toronto to adopt the popular trend of customized Italian meals to-go.

sos pasta torontoOwner Dimitri Petropolou took over the old digs where the classic (if not run-down) "We Got Balls" arancini joint Corrado's used to be to be, bringing an easier option to the bustling area near TIFF Lightbox and Princess of Wales Theatre. 

sos pasta torontoThe first step of ordering is choosing between short and long pasta.

sos pasta torontoThere's only one option of each—they rotate between seven different types each day of the week—meaning some days it could be a penne or mafalde, while other days it might be gemelli or linguine. 

sos pasta torontoIt's $10 for a box, regardless of what kind of sauce you get. That goes for the activated charcoal-infused spaghetti available week-long. 

sos pasta torontoSauce options are definitely not your regular offerings: there's flavours like duck ragu and sage brown butter, if you want to switch it up from your usual pesto. 

sos pasta torontoThe notable thing about SOS is that there are almost just as many vegan options as there are non-vegan ones. Daily short or long pastas are available, but made with a red lentil and rice flour instead of egg.

sos pasta torontoDairy- and meat-free sauces include red sauce with blistered cherry tomatoes, cashew alfredo, and a bolognese that uses the famously convincing Beyond Meat faux-beef.

sos pasta torontoThere's three different types gnocchi ($12), and ravioli ($15) is stuffed with a variety of ingredients including beef goat cheese and a vegan sweet potato rosemary. 

sos pasta torontoThe vegan lasagna ($12) comes drowned in sauce and is ridiculously good. 

If you want to deck out your box, you can add some meatballs ($3) or for a full vegan meal that's still hearty, Beyond Meatballs ($3). You won't really be able to tell the difference. 

sos pasta torontoThere's some quick desserts too, like the Cinnamon Crunch Gnocchi ($5), which really needs no explanation. 

sos pasta torontoSticky toffee pudding ($5) is another easy little dessert you can sneak in the theatre. 

sos pasta toronto

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