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Snakes & Lagers

Snakes & Lagers is a board game bar on College St. from the same team behind the ever popular Snakes & Lattes . Similar to its predecessor, the new two storey spot boasts a collection of 250+ board games, but now you can play them alongside alcoholic beverages and food, the combination of which take the board game cafe concept to the next level.

Taking over the address that was most recently Smokeless Joes , the interior has been refreshed though not completely overhauled. The cozy main floor is outfitted with two-tops while the upstairs features custom-built booths that seat six. There are also plans for a large communal space for mingling.

snakes and lagers

Each floor has its own library of games; downstairs the selection is mainly suited for two players while on the second floor there are more multi-player options. The collection can be explored for $5 a head, and the friendly staff will happily make recommendations and explain the rules as you go.

snakes and lagers

The menu, which was developed by consulting chef Ariel Coplan and executed by kitchen manager Nick Morra (both ex- Acadia ), is snack-focused and exceeds my expectations going in. There are sharable charcuterie boards, single bite fare, sliders, mini sandwiches, sides and desserts.

snakes and lagers

We start the night with a friendly game of Six while nibbling on Spiced Duck Fat Popcorn ($4) and Pickled Deviled Eggs ($4) that are dyed pink with beet juice, filled with egg cream and sprinkled with crunchy chives, paprika, black pepper and lemon zest.

snakes and lagers

Next up, the Petit Mac ($6) is a take on McD's classic burger that really isn't all that mini despite being labeled a slider. On the side, there's options like Duck Fat Fries ($4.50), Edamame ($4.50) with togarashi and salt, or, best yet, a skillet of deep fried Brussel Sprouts ($4.50) dressed in a sweet chili soy reduction.

snakes and lagers

Vegetarians, vegans and gluten-sensitive eaters are well looked after here too. The Falafel ($6) is made with a mix of chickpeas and white beans and boasts a crispy golden exterior along with a creamy, fluffy centre. Wrapped in a toasty half pita, the whole thing is drizzled with yogurt sauce (vegans can opt out of this) and topped with pickled shallots, tomato, lettuce and parsley.

snakes and lagers

Sweet tooths can enjoy Proudfoot Cookies ($1.75) served warm to the table in unique flavours like bacon butterscotch or peanut butter and miso. Alternately there's a daily selection of desserts ($5) served in mason jars layered with things like whipped marshmallow, peanut butter mousse, chocolate covered pretzels and Maldon salt.

snakes and lagers

Between the activities at hand and the fun foods, my nostalgic inner child has been thoroughly indulged. I would have been happy with a glass of milk, but best yet, this location serves booze! The bar offers over 15 draught beers mostly devoted to craft brews like Beau's Lug Tread, Kensington Augusta Ale and Spearhead HSPA. The selection of taps will rotate but pints are priced at a consistent $7. Classic cocktails ($10-12), drams of whiskey, scotch and cognac ($9-$12) plus wines ($7-$9) by the glass are available too.

Snakes and Lagers Toronto

Snakes & Lagers is open daily from 3pm until last call. The kitchen is open from 5pm 'til midnight nightly.

snakes and lagers

Photos by Jesse Milns

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