Sinjeon Food Sys

Sinjeon Food Sys

Sinjeon Food Sys may sound like a tech company but it's actually an extremely popular restaurant chain from South Korea that specializes in tteokbokki and other Korean snacks.

The restaurant's diminutive size belies the fact that it is South Korea's largest street food restaurant chain, with over 700 locations around the world.

Sinjeon Food SysIt has locations in Japan, Vietnam, Australia, the US, and right here in Thornhill.

The menu is, as befits a street food spot, unsurprisingly straightforward and unfussy. Sinjeon specializes in various kinds of tteokbokki dishes, which can be adorned with various toppings, all of which are made to order.

Sinjeon Food SysThe house special here is the Sinjeon Original Tteokbokki ($9.99) that comes in the sweet and spicy red-coloured sauce most people expect when thinking of tteok dishes. I added cheese to it (+$2.49) and the resulting cheese pull is definitely one that's worth a photo or two.

Sinjeon Food SysMy personal favourite tteokbokki on the menu is the new Creamy Carbonara Tteokbokki ($12.99) as it is less sweet but much richer than the standard version.

The creaminess actually helps tone down the spice, while adding sausages (+$2.99 for 6 pieces) gives it some extra protein.

Sinjeon Food SysThe SinJeon Rice ($10.99) is delightfully simple and comprised of Korean rice, seaweed flakes, kimchi, and some pickled vegetables topped with a generous drizzle of sweet mayonnaise.

Sinjeon Food SysAs Sinjeon primarily defines itself as a Korean street food spot, it's unsurprising they have delicious Seaweed Rolls ($3.99) which contain stirfried glass noodles in them, while the fried Fish Cakes ($2.99) are also excellent especially when dunked into any of the tteokbokki sauces.

Sinjeon Food SysFor those who prefer their Korean snacks non-fried, go for their SinJeon Cheese Gimbap ($10.99) which is excellent and much lighter.

Gimbap is essentially Korean sushi with seaweed wrap that is dusted with sesame seeds, so the whole thing is a nice counterpoint to what is a very rich meal experience.

Sinjeon Food Sys

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Sinjeon Food Sys

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