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Real Mo-Mo's

Real Mo-Mo's is a casual hangout on Colborne Street just west of Church. Equally good for watching the game with friends after work, treating someone to a meal, or even just having a quick drink on the way home. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as fixed course meals and a European-style high tea.

Owner Monique Guffens' inspiration for the restaurant started with her traveling the world and was catalyzed by her work at restaurants in the King East area. Wanting to continue working in the neighbourhood she'd always known, she had the ambition to open her own place all by herself.

real momos

The interior is clean and girly with purple walls and pretty chandeliers, but there's enough dark wood and stone here to combat that and make the space feel neutral. Seating is available right next to the towering front windows which let in lots of light, though the view isn't much being in the area of Toronto most known for construction.

real momos toronto

The menu is an extensive combination of inspirations from the different places Monique has lived and travelled: the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand. She fuses theses cuisines together and adds a twist.

real momos toronto

This is evident in the Tequila Sangria ($12), for example, which is stiffly shot through with tequila.

Real MoMos Toronto

Though Mo-Mo's serves bar food, it's not necessarily Canadian bar food. "I'm not really good with chicken wings and beer," says Guffens. Instead, to soak up your sangria, order the classic Dutch bar food bitterballen, available throughout the day: these little fried meatballs are more like croquettes than anything, served with regular mustard as well as French Dijon and a Dutch grainy variety.

Real MoMos Toronto

Maybe you're there a little earlier in the day, though, and you're craving some Dutch Pannenkoeken ($8 - $11). The standouts here are really the imports from the Netherlands: Dutch sprinkles, not something we normally serve with pancakes in Canada, and thick syrup that's almost like molasses. Guffens says she had to start selling the bottles because of interest.

Real MoMos Toronto

She also started selling packages of the stroopwaffel and windmill cookies she serves with High Tea. This pile of confections will allow you to act out your childhood tea party fantasies, and at not too terribly adult prices either: $30, and it serves two.

Real MoMos Toronto

Less indulgent folks can enjoy the accidentally gluten-free grilled tofu and soba noodles ($18), a medley of noodles, broccoli, edamame, peanuts, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Real MoMos Toronto

Photos by Hector Vasquez

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