the quarry cafe

The Quarry Cafe

The Quarry Cafe is a wholesome family restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and a wide-ranging menu.

Named for the rock quarry that once occupied the area between Gerrard Street to Kingston Road, the Quarry Cafe has been serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner since the mid-80s.

The cafe's current owner, Chris Kamarlingos, took over five years ago.

Though new to the neighbourhood, Chris is by no means new to the restaurant business. He and his wife, Alexandria, have been in the hospitality industry for more than three decades.

the quarry cafeWhile management may have changed, the cafe's aesthetic has remained much the same.

The bright blue and white walls are covered in photos of idyllic landscapes, with one corner devoted to the pictures of the rock quarry itself.

A small patio wraps around the front of the cafe, attracting visitors from the Beaches and beyond during the warmer months.the quarry cafeMy dining companion, who was a Quarry regular throughout her college years, claims that the restaurant is almost exactly as she remembers it.

According to Chris, his favourite part of his job is meeting new people. He always strives to make a good impression and, as such, takes his customers' needs very seriously.

In the kitchen, he abides by one simple rule: "If I don't like it, I don't serve it to the customers."

This philosophy informs every aspect of the meal, from the ingredients to the presentation. Thankfully, there's still plenty of room for variety, which the cafe has in spades.

the quarry cafeThe Quarry Special ($18.99) is a sampler of everything on the breakfast menu, making it the perfect choice for indecisive diners.

This hearty meal comes with two sausage links, two slices of ham, two strips of bacon and two fluffy pancakes topped with powdered sugar. The only decision you'll have to make is how you want your eggs.the quarry cafeSpeaking of eggs, the Eggs Florentine ($17.99) is an elevated take on a classic brunch dish.

In addition to the usual English muffin and hollandaise sauce, the Quarry Cafe's version includes baby spinach and grilled tomatoes.

Though egg dishes are usually hit or miss for me, this one managed to win me over. The tomatoes were juicy and the hollandaise sauce, which is notoriously difficult to get right, was rich and buttery.

the quarry cafeThe Gyro Dinner ($21.99) consists of thinly sliced beef and lamb, served with seasoned rice and lemon potatoes, as well as a bowl of Greek salad and a plate of garlic bread.

Chris added this dish (and several other Mediterranean staples) to the menu as a tribute to his family, who hail from Cyprus.

the quarry cafe

This meal could easily feed a small party. Not only is the meat tender and zesty, the bread and salad are quite filling.

the quarry cafeLast but not least is the Chicken Parmigiana ($23.99), which our server tells us is one of the cafe's most popular items.

Though similar in appearance to Italian dishes served throughout the city, this chicken cutlet distinguishes itself by being absolutely massive, not to mention completely covered in melted cheese.

A generous portion of spaghetti sits on the side, topped with an equally generous amount of marinara sauce.

the quarry cafeBrimming with warmth and nostalgia, the Quarry Cafe is the perfect place for a laid-back family meal. the quarry cafeThe Quarry Cafe is located at 2560 Gerrard St E.

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The Quarry Cafe

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