Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

Portuguese Chicken Place

Portuguese Chicken Place is exactly what it sounds like: a typical churrasqueira dealing in rotisserie and grilled Portuguese-style chicken. 

Though the menu essentially and mainly consists of this, there is also the odd rotating special. All recipes come from the matriarch of the family that runs this place, who originally comes from Madeira. 

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

The spot is decked out exactly the way you’d expect, with iconic rooster decor that’s the visual hallmark of places like this.

portuguese chicken place torontoTraditional churrasco rotisserie equipment is used to cook chickens whole, before they’re divided into leg and thigh or wing and breast sections and kept in warming drawers for super speedy takeout.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

A ridiculously hearty half chicken dinner that could easily be split between two people goes for $12.25.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

Any dinner includes two sides, a simple fresh salad and classic seasoned veggie rice with our half chicken.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

Both the chicken and the rice are moist and not dry at all, and though the chicken skin tends to separate from the meat a bit, it has great flavour.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

A quarter chicken dinner goes for $8.75, of course also with two sides. This time we go for potatoes that, while typical of churrasqueiras, have a nice hint of spice to them, as well as some mildly spicy piri piri fries.

While a bit drier than the rotisserie in style, the grilled chicken is still juicy, and the skin is a bit crispier.

Add on a shrimp pie for $1.75 to complete the picture, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside with a little shrimp in the middle, or a fishy cod cake.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

House hot sauces are where the formula diverges a little from the typical churrasqueira, apparently a mix of Indian and Portuguese, flavours thanks to the heritage of the pair of the owners. 

Available in hot and mild varieties, the sauces are a little thicker and less acidic than usual Portuguese ones, the flavour profile a little more nuanced.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

A fish filet dinner ($9) consists of a battered, pan-fried white basa fish with a simple coating that could be a bit crispier, though the fish inside is delicate and flavourful.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

Specials might include unexpected delights like garlicky shell-on shrimp ($14.99) served over garlic rice with lemon. Peeling the shells off by hand provides a rewardingly steamy and sweet no-frills seafood experience.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

Finish off a quick and cheap meal here with a mandatory pastel de nata ($1.75) custard tart, made in house.

Portuguese Chicken Place Toronto

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