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Pho Hung

After spending Saturday afternoon at work in an underground office with only tictacs (having forgotten my lunch at home), I decided that lunner (yes, lunch/dinner) was going to have to be hearty , to say the least.

After a quick scan of our Best of Toronto list I decided to head over to Pho Hung -- Spadina's noodlehouse extraordinaire. Hadn't been there for years, so it seemed about time to try it again.

While the menu was a bit confusing at first (how many ways can you serve beef with noodles in soup??), I settled on Lean Beef Rice Noodle Soup. A mere 5 bucks. I really wanted vegetables but I couldn't seem to locate any where I was looking.

Stephanie, my dining companion, decides to go with a chicken, spring roll, veggies and noodles dish (veggies being shaved carrots and onions... so they don't count)... around $6.

We scribble the order down on the specially provided order sheet and off we go.

Both bowls are huge, delicious, and yes, hearty. A squirt or two of the table hot sauce * and it's absolutely perfect. Such great value for the buck.

Oh yeah, and after I'd ordered I found the veggie section at the back of the menu. Next time.. next time.

* Note: Both bottles on the table read "Hot Sauce". To avoid anyone being as annoying as the couple next to us who bickered ignorantly loud about the what hell the difference is and how it should say more, bla bla 'like omigad', bla... let me clear it up: The RED is the hot stuff. The BROWN is the sweeter stuff. Good? Good.


Pho Hung - 350 Spadina Ave (just N of Dundas). 416-593-4274

Photo by kaeko in the blogTO Flickr pool

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Pho Hung

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