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Mishwar serves up a selection of shawarma and falafel plates, kebabs, wraps and platters, plus a variety of hot and cold maza.

The owners of Mishwar, which translates to “journey” in Moroccan Arabic, recently moved to Toronto from Syria.

mishwar toronto

The menu includes a selection of hot and cold appetizers. Kibbeh ($6.99), which is bulgur wheat pounded together with lamb into a fine paste and formed into round balls, is one of the starters that are served warm.

mishwar toronto

While Yalanji ($5.99) is served cold. The vegetarian dish consists of grape leaves wrapped around a bit of rice and veggies.

mishwar toronto

The delicious Hummus ($2.99) is another great option for a starter.

mishwar toronto

As for mains, there are a number of plates. The Mixed Grill plate ($14.99) consists of three different skewers and is served with rice or fries and hummus.

mishwar toronto

The kebabs included in the mixed plate include Shish Tawook (marinated chicken) and Lamb, which are both grilled.

mishwar toronto

After slowly rotating and roasting on all sides for the better part of the day, deliciously fresh chicken is shaved off for the shawarma plates and wraps.

mishwar toronto

The Shawarma plate ($13.99) comes piled high with freshly-shaved chicken, fries or rice, and garlic sauce for dipping.

mishwar toronto

There’s also a variety of sandwich and wrap options for those who’d prefer to have their shawarma or kebab served this way.

mishwar toronto

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Fareen Karim

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