mean bao annex food hall toronto

Mean Bao Annex Food Hall

Mean Bao brings its stuffed Chinese buns to the Annex Food Hall with a menu of their staple baos and dimsum. 

There's six different types of baos available here, and unlike some of their other locations, this Mean Bao also has just under ten options of dim sum like standard siu mai and spicy pork wonton, served in fours. 

mean bao annex food hall torontoThe jerk chicken bao ($5.40) takes the owners' Chinese-Jamaican heritage as the basis for this bun. Sitting atop it all is cole slaw—it's jerk, after all—cilantro and sriracha. Ask for the deadly mango chutney sauce if you think you can brave the heat. 

A tofu and enoki mushroom bao ($5.25) comes with carrot, purple cabbage, sesame and satay sauce. 

mean bao annex food hall torontoIf you're looking for something more substantial, there's also a handful of bowls comprised of rice, noodles, or quinoa. 

The sambo rice bowl ($8.95) has six-hour braised pork belly that's been slow-cooked for four hours, served with a soft boiled egg, Taiwanese pickles and bok chop on a bed of purple rice. mean bao annex food hall

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Mean Bao Annex Food Hall

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