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Mabu Sizzle

Mabu Sizzle is an Asian fusion restaurant that specializes in sizzling hit plates, reminiscent of the Pepper Lunch restaurant chain that's popular in various parts of Asia.

It's the latest concept from the Mabu Generation group of restaurants.

Mabu SizzleThe colourful space space isn't overly big but comfortable with plenty of tables to choose from. There's a gigantic mural that depicts the hustle and bustle of Taiwan, where the Mabu group take their culinary inspiration from.

Mabu SizzleOne of the most unique dishes here is the Pepper Pepper plate ($16). The fried chicken cutlet is super tender and served with a generous portion of delicious black pepper sauce.

The dish also comes with a Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken-style batter. It's a delicious new take on a Taiwanese classic.

Mabu SizzleThe side of TP Fries ($8) here won't win any awards but it's still an inventive take where the whole thing comes drizzled with tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes.

Mabu SizzleThe one dish I would definitely order again is the Lovely Fatty ($16). True to its name, it's decadently rich, with a generous dollop of black truffle paste atop a rich cream sauce mixed with mushrooms and smoked bacon.

Mabu SizzleThose looking for something really spicy should try the Kimchi Hot ($15.50) which consists of stir-fried udon in house-made red chili paste mixed with kimchi, sliced beef, and dashi.

The generous helping of onion, garlic and scallions give it a little extra kick.

Mabu SizzleThe Mama's Steak ($18) is a AAA sirloin steak served with a sizzling egg and more of that delicious black pepper gravy. The steak is tender and the smokiness is just right.

Mabu SizzleThe Garlic Tofu ($5) is a small sampling of deep fried tofu served with fresh scallion and a sweet garlic sauce on the side.

Mabu SizzleFor dessert, the Mango Sago ($7) is a classic Chinese dessert that's light and not overly sweet. The combination of mango, jellies and assorted shaved fruits perfectly rounds off the indulgent meal. 

Mabu Sizzle

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Hector Vasquez

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