lobster port no 1

Lobster Port No. 1

Lobster Port No. 1 is a Cantonese restaurant that specializes in a variety of seafood dishes with a particular emphasis on lobster.

The restaurant's owners get their lobster supply from their own processing plant in Halifax. The ones that don't quite make the grade to get shipped here, I was informed, get exported to other countries.

lobster port no 1The space is roomy and upscale in a bit more conventional way. This is a restaurant that knows its crowd: it's not trying to be hip or too modern but rather sticks to a simple elegance. 

lobster port no 1The thing to get here is undoubtedly something from their lobster menu. Priced at market price (presently around $18/lb), the lobster really stars. It all starts with their ridiculous Lobster Towers.

lobster port no 1On this occasion, I order a 30-pound tower of Deep Fried Lobster with Spicy Garlic. This tower is pretty much the largest that the restaurant offers and is indeed ridiculously over-the-top, consisting of three giant lobsters that are deep-fried and seasoned with garlic. This thing easily feeds a small army.

The only challenge is to slowly disassemble the whole tower without having the "structure" come crashing down. All those hours playing Jenga totally pay off.

lobster port no 1The lobster itself is lightly crispy on the outside, with a juicy and fragrant meat that has been seasoned with a hint of spice without losing its original fresh lobster flavour.

Gloves are provided for your convenience.

lobster port no 1Something a bit more unusual at this restaurant is the Lobster Soup, in which lobster meat is cooked with wild rice. 

lobster port no 1It's not just seafood here, though. The General Tao Braised Beef T-Bone ($32.95) is tender and goes fantastic with some simple steamed rice.

lobster port no 1Lobster Port No. 1 also serves dim sum during the daytime. My personal favourite is the Har Gao shrimp dumplings ($5.50).

lobster port no 1Another tasty treat is the classic Siu Mai ($5.50), which mixes pork, shrimp, and fish roe.

lobster port no 1The Steamed Crispy Pork in Rice Roll ($5.50) is  a unique take on the regular Cheong Fan rice rolls that I rarely see at dim sum places. The dried pork floss atop the rolls make for a perfect garnish.

lobster port no 1Fans of Chinese desserts should try the understated-but-satisfying Almond and Green Tea Pastries ($4.30). It's sort of like a traditional version of a matcha cake, which is not too sweet, and is a good way to close off a decadently large meal.

lobster port no 1

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Lobster Port No. 1

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