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Lee Nam Jang

Lee Nam Jang is a restaurant that specializes in traditional Korean food. It's been in the current neighbourhood for over ten years, but the recipes are the product of three generations of Korean chefs.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoThe sleek and modern space comes has plenty of seating for all sizes of groups.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoFrom the kitchen, the Fried Dumplings (6 for $9.95) make for a great starter. You can also get them steamed, but I find the fried ones have a little extra oomph that makes them more satisfying.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoOne of the most popular offerings here is the Korean BBQ. The sweet and savoury Beef Ribs ($39.95 for 200g) are massive, marinated for over two days in-house, and pretty honkin' big.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoThe Seafood Pancake ($14.95) features squid, shrimp, and green onions. It's such a simple dish, but it's so rich and delicious that it always hits the right spot.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoDuring these cold months, the Korean hot pot selections here (known as jeongol) are must-haves. For example, the impressive and over-the-top Bulgogi Octopus Hot Pot ($39.95) features octopus, bulgogi beef, mushroom, and assorted veggies.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoFor an additional $12, the staff will use the reduced broth from the hot pot and mix in rice, kimchi, cheese, veggies, and eggs to create an impressive fried rice dish before your eyes. Apparently, this style of serving fried rice is very popular in Korea, and I can certainly see why.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoFor something lighter, the Oxtail Soup ($19.95) is absolutely spot-on. With a made-from-scratch beef bone broth and a fall-off-the-bone oxtail, it's perfect to warm you up.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoThe Braised Beef Short Ribs ($34.95) is one of my favourite dishes here, featuring beef ribs braised for over four hours in a sweet and savoury soy sauce.

Lee Nam Jang TorontoAnd what would a classic Korean meal be without soju? The Plum Soju ($17.95) is a good way to round off a meal here.

Lee Nam Jang Toronto

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