King David

Falafels are the ideal fast food. They're quick, cheap and satisfying with a delicious and balanced mix of produce and protein. In theory.

I was introduced to them when I moved to Wilson Heights. The local falafel retailer was King David, and I assumed it was a fairly standard falafel joint.

However, once I developed a taste for falafels and sought them out across the city, I began to realize something: In terms of both quality and value, King David makes - hands down - the best falafels in town.

Now, I do recognize that everyone who's ever eaten a pita will tell you that some place or other is "definitely the best in town," but frankly, most of those people don't know what they're talking about.

Anyone who tells you that the best falafels in town are from somewhere that mushes stale, pre-made falafel balls into a thin, ripped pita with dead lettuce and half a slice of tomato and then charges you extra for hummus really doesn't have a clue.

While a good falafel should be something one could eat all day, every day and feel good for doing so, most falafels in Toronto are, sadly, overpriced stomach-churning grease pockets.

King David is an absolute oasis in the bleak landscape of Toronto falafels.

The pitas are of the highest quality, the falafel balls always fresh to order, the dressings exquisite and the sandwiches stuffed with your choice of an array of different toppings. Be clear about your choices from the start, though, because once they start stuffing they won't leave room for adjustments.

A King David trademark is the napkin on top. The falafels are packed so full that they sacrifice a napkin just to make sure everything stays inside.

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