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Jessy's Pizza

Jessy’s Pizza is a small Nova-Scotia-based pizza chain. This first-ever location outside the Maritimes brings donair pizza and egg rolls to Toronto.

Their all-beef donair is totally halal, and they make their own dough and sweet donair sauce on site.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

The modest 12-seat space is the essence of a typical takeout spot, with menus on the walls and rainbow LED lights ringing the front window. This space takes up a third of what used to be Barque’s catering space.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

The donair meat is so popular and ubiquitous on the menu that this place goes through about two or three cones of it a day. 

Jessys Pizza Toronto

It’s probably represented in its purest form in a donair, $6.99 for a small ranging up to $13.99 for a super and $15.99 for “Our Special” (with fried pepperoni), with upcharges for cheese and extra meat.

Soft pita encases a dense core of curly, earthy meat, drenched in an appropriately generous amount of sweet condensed milk sauce and studded with tiny pieces of tomato and raw onion that break up the rich, messy wrap with acidity.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

Garlic fingers range from $8.99 for a nine-inch small size up to $18.49 for an 18-inch extra large.

This is where the donair sauce of condensed milk, sugar, and thickening vinegar comes into its own the most; the pungency of the garlic and the greasiness of the cheese perfectly complemented by the cooling, creamy sauce. Sweet and salty at its finest.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

Gourmet pizzas like the Bubba Donair go for $22.99 for a large. The “Bubba” implies that in addition to usual donair pizza toppings of donair meat, red onion and tomato there’s also garlic sauce.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

Shawarma pizza, step aside: this might be an even meatier monstrosity of a filling pie.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

Donair egg rolls ($4.60) actually tend to mask the donair meat’s flavour a bit more than other vehicles with a thick crunchy exterior, but they pay off in sheer novelty and greasy goodness. Apparently there may also be donair corn dogs.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

Of course, they do delivery, and you can always customize your own pie with their range of toppings, though you might want to try signatures like their “Specialty” with beef, bacon and pepperoni, the BBQ steak, or their spicy chicken garlic fingers. 

They can also do gluten-free crusts for medium pies only. In the style of a Halifax pizza joint, they serve other fare like fish and chips, burgers, wings and nachos. They’re open until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Jessys Pizza Toronto

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