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J'adore Hot Pot

J’Adore Hot Pot is quite possibly the prettiest hot pot restaurant in Toronto. Everything from its bright blue walls to giant sized teddy bear seems purposely-built to appeal to your inner Audrey Hepburn. It's truly an AYCE hot pot taken to the next level.

Jadore hot potAnd while the AYCE pricing here is pretty standard (starting at $24.99 for weekdays), it’s hard not to fall in love with how cute and elegant the place is.

Unlike most hot pot places which are usually more about massive portions and a raucous atmosphere, J’Adore’s focal point is its quaint daintiness.

Jadore hot potCase in point: all the pots here are single pots (‘cause there’s no way to elegantly share a massive double pot) and are adorned with colourful pot covers. Even the meat slices come in tiered high-tea style containers.

Jadore hot potBut it’s not just flash. Hidden beneath the restaurant’s slightly gimmicky shell rests some pretty awesome food offerings.

For starters, there are many soup bases here that can’t be found anywhere else, and are inspired by flavours across Asia. And unlike most traditional hot pot broths, you can actually drink the delicious soup.

Jadore hot potMy favourite is the Japanese Soy Milk Soup Base (+$7). True to its name, there is a slightly sweet, soy-milk flavour that permeates the broth. It adds a richness not normally found in other hot pot soups.

Jadore hot potThe Chanko Nabe (Sumo Stew-Miso) Soup Base (+$6) is also worth a try. It has a strong miso flavour and is inspired by the massive broths eaten by sumo wrestlers in Japan in copious amounts between their training.

Jadore hot potThose looking for something spicy should order the Korean Kimchi Soup Base (+$5) which comes with copious amounts of spicy kimchi.

Jadore hot potI would argue that the soup broths are so unique and flavourful that you don’t really need to add much (or any) dipping sauce. However, the restaurant does have its own DIY dipping sauce station stocked full of all the usual favourites.

Jadore hot potUnlike most hot pot places, J'Adore also serves yakitori that you get to grill at your table. Selections range from pork with melted cheese to chicken thighs with special sea salt. It's all included in the AYCE price.

Jadore hot potIn addition to the delicious slices of meat that come standard with the AYCE menu, J’Adore also offers premium ingredients at an additional cost. The Angus Beef Short Ribs (+$8.99) are super thick and nicely marbled.

Jadore hot potThe Angus AAA Steak Slices (+$9.99) are also a definite must for premium meat lovers, with an almost melt-in-your-mouth quality.

Jadore hot potA selection of premium seafood items, like Alaska Snow Crab Legs (+$17.5 for 8 pieces) and Canadian Lobster Tail ($11.99 each) are also available.

Jadore hot potFor dessert an additional $5.99 will get your table chocolate fondue which is as fun to eat as it is Instagrammable.

Jadore hot pot

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