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Considering the fact that I substituted booze for food last night, you KNOW I was excited to have brunch when I woke up this morning.

I've been wanting to go to the IF Lounge to have brunch for a while now. And to be completely honest, I didn't even realize that the IF Lounge is also known as "Coffee Shop" from Wednesday to Sunday from 9am-3pm. Not only that, the "Coffee Shop" menu is indeed a tasty one.

On this particular morning, I needed something substantial and after reading a positive review in an alternate online paper , I decided to start my brunch with the recommended sweet cinnamon and cardamom biscuits. Served warm with powdered sugar and a couple dollops of butter, these $3.00 biscuits absolutely melted in my mouth--so much so that I intend to go back for a least 2 orders of these and a big fat mug of tea.


My main brunch meal consisted of the Omelette of the Day. Today was an Italian Western Omelette. It was served with Challah bread, mixed greens and roasted garlic and red pepper potatoes. Even though I enjoyed my selection, I was kind of looking for a bit more kick. The omelette didn't seem to have much of an Italian spin to it--I guess I expected a little more flair.


My breakfast partner decided on the Coffee Shop BLT (served with prosciutto, arugula and roma tomatoes on a toasted baguette) and beside the fact that we didn't swap meals like we normally do--he seemed to gobble it up rather quickly. I'd say he liked it.

Along with various breakfast dishes, Coffee Shop delves into lunch as well. Perhaps that's why they call it "Brunch"? Kidding. I knew that. Really. Honest!

With choices like a Grilled Thai Chicken Sandwich and Mini Burgers that consist of three 3oz. Angus Beef patties that each have their own flavour (1. Roma with Mozzarella and Basil 2. Athens with Feta and Tzatziki 3. Tokyo with Wasabi Mayo and Crunchy Tempura Bits) who wouldn't want to experience a little taste around the world without leaving their own neighbourhood?


The service was a little spotty even though the restaurant wasn't that busy. We were not asked how we were or if we wanted more tea (which I did) and we ended up having to summon the waitress over in order to pay our bill. But seeing as Coffee Shop is only a couple blocks away from my house and a bill for 2 including tea and OJ came to just under 25 dollars, I know I'll be returning. Afterall, a girl's gotta have her biscuits and eat them too, right?

IF LOUNGE/Coffee Shop

1212 Dundas Street West

Toronto, ON


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