Hungry Amoo Toronto

Hungry Amoo

Hungry Amoo is a snack bar in a strip of similar alcohol-centric, sharing-heavy restaurants on Lower Ossington.

Amoo means uncle in Farsi, which is fitting seeing as this joint is run by Houman Pourmarz, his father, and his uncle. Educated in the culinary arts, he started this restaurant as a way to showcase the flavours of various countries he's been to.

Hungry Amoo Toronto

There are some long communal high tables at the front with high seating, but there are some more intimate places to have a few drinks or snacks at the back. It's a little tough to navigate this place when crowded as it's very narrow. Fine art on the walls changes up every now and again.

Hungry Amoo Toronto

The scotch egg ($9) is a smaller shareable item here, and Pourmarz does the tradition justice. It's a soft cooked egg enveloped in house made spicy sausage, fried and then finished off in the oven. It rests on a bed of greens and is garnished with some chives and Molden salt flakes. We wash it all down with a simple Muskoka Mad Tom.

Hungry Amoo Toronto

The tamarind beef is only $10 and gluten free. This savoury sharing dish is made with crispy pulled brisket, cashews, date sauce and brussel sprouts. I see the appeal, but I personally actually enjoyed some other dishes more.

Hungry Amoo Toronto

The chicken and popcorn ($7) is a cute play on popcorn chicken. A single crispy Cajun wing rests in a little bowl of popcorn and popcorn chicken, and it's served with buffalo sauce and a gribiche aioli that plays off ranch, with some crudites on the side as an elevated alternative to celery and carrot sticks.

Hungry Amoo Toronto

Finally we travel to the Middle East with some classic falafel ($12), homemade with lots of cumin and turmeric. There's hummus on the bottom and charred tomato between each fried chickpea ball, with pickled mango, cilantro, and feta cream sauce on top.

Hungry Amoo Toronto

Photos by Hector Vasquez

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