hongkong seafood hotpot

Hong Kong Seafood Hotpot

Hong Kong Seafood Hotpot serves both Hong Kong Canto-Western dishes as well as Hong Kong-style hotpot.

The wonderfully kitsch interior features a gigantic mural of a Hong Kong street along with vintage-style posters that evoke that nostalgic 80s and 90s Hong Kong feel.

hongkong seafood hotpotThere's a giant hanging dragon too, to hammer the point home.

The restaurant lets you decide what you're going to eat. You can come here for a hotpot dinner, a fulfilling HK-style cafe meal, or both!

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotThe hotpot offerings here are very different than the traditional Chongqing/Sichuan hotpot that is common in the GTA. 

hongkong seafood hotpotThe critical difference in a Hong Kong-style hotpot is that the soup here can be eaten too. It's not oil-based like the spicy style which has become the norm in Toronto.

In fact, the best part of the experience is when you drink the flavourful and light broth after you've finished cooking and dunking all your food.

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotMy absolute go-to here is the beef combo hotpot. For $78.99, you get a beef platter which contains rib eye, beef shank, and beef chuck (among others), along with my personal favourite: beef brisket.

You also get a small assorted vegetable platter and your choice of staple instant noodles or rice noodles. This can easily feed three people.

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotYou also get drinks included, and some surprise dessert of the day, which is always a treat and, in the traditional Asian-approved fashion, is never too sweet.

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotOf course, any self respecting hotpot restaurant must have its own DIY sauce station, and Hong Kong Seafood Hotpot is no exception.

I personally love the fact that they have crispy fried garlic as a topping, something I rarely see at other hotpot places.

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotI also tried the seafood tom yum hotpot combo, ($78.99) and mixed it into a double pot with the beef combo at no extra cost. The seafood tom yum broth has hits of sour and spice evocative of the classic Thai tom yum soup. 

The platter that it comes with features a variety of fresh seafood like cuttlefish, handmade shrimp paste, oysters, mussels and jumbo shrimp.

The quality of the seafood here is very high and the price honestly feels like a bit of a steal.

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotBut what about those Canto-Western dishes? Well you can have a classic here: the Pineapple Bun with pork chop and egg for $8.99 - truly a breakfast for champions.

The bun is baked to perfection though I wish the pork was a bit more seasoned.

Hong Kong Seafood HotpotThe Molten Salted Egg York French Toast ($6.80) is another HK cafe staple. The salted egg yolk filling is rich and velvety smooth and the toast adds a light crunch.Hong Kong Seafood Hotpot

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Hong Kong Seafood Hotpot

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Hong Kong Seafood Hotpot

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