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Hibiscus Assembly Chef's Hall

Hibiscus is healthy stall in the Assembly Chef's Hall that does vegan crepes and an epic 42-ingredient salad – yes, somehow that all fits – composed purely of vegan and gluten free ingredients.

A steadfast Kensington favourite, this restaurant is run by Elena and Andrey Malkov, a brother and sister duo who grew up helping out on their grandparents’ farm in Siberia.

hibiscus torontoTheir soup and salad combo ($14.50) is one of their most popular orders. It includes a soup of the day and a smaller portion of their 42-ingredient salad, which can be bought by itself in a small or large size ($9 or $12).

Surprisingly, the salad ($12 for a large) doesn’t look as overwhelming as you’d think, considering how many things are in it. Quinoa, broccoli, tofu, kale, kelp, beet, tofu and beans are just a few of the ingredients in this bowl.

The two types of savoury crepes offered here (both are $15 each) are made with vegan buckwheat batter and served with a side of greens. The mozzarella tomato basil has a much more traditional taste than the cheddar chutney pecan pear crepe; both are made with vegan cheese.

As for sweet crepes, those range between $10 and $12 and include options like chocolate hazelnut banana and dulce de leche with kiwi.

hibiscus torontoFor dessert, don't miss Hibiscus’ selection of organic vegan ice cream (single scoop for $5), made completely without dairy. Instead, it uses coconut or mung bean milk to make fantastically unique flavours like sea buckthorn and spirulina blueberry. 

hibiscus toronto

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