Green Republic Toronto

Green Republic Food Co.

Green Republic is down a rabbit hole of faceless concrete office buildings, but once you arrive it’s a wonderland of customizable food options. An open-concept space encompasses a sandwich and salad station, pasta bar, raw seafood bar and mini cafe.

In an area saturated with towering hospitals, courthouses and law buildings where most of the options are crowded Asian restaurants that demand sit-down dining and allocate hardly at all for laptops or meetings, and cafes are few and far between, this WiFi-equipped spot is a godsend.

Green Republic Toronto

What I like most is you get absolute control over your experience, essential when every minute of one’s life is scheduled. Grab a quick snack and infused water from the fridge or a coffee and pastry, or if you have more time wait in line at the popular sandwich bar.

Green Republic Toronto

This is where the crazy number of options starts to pile up. For breads alone you can choose from olive loaf, potato focaccia, baguette, whole grain panini, wrap, or even a gluten-free option, all from Fred’s Bread.

Technically, this is also a “bowl” station where you can choose basmati rice, greens, cauliflower and chickpeas or saffron quinoa as your base.

Green Republic Toronto

A sandwich with a protein and two toppings or a veggie sandwich with four toppings is $9.75.

Green Republic TorontoI go for the rosemary focaccia with pepper crusted turkey breast (I also could’ve gone with prosciutto, salami, pancetta, or smoked salmon) with avocado mayo and jalapeno havarti plus thick slices of grilled eggplant and zucchini.

Green Republic TorontoA sixteen-ounce poke bowl from the seafood bar will run you $10.95, all toppings included, and you can also do ceviche here for $9.95.

Green Republic TorontoSeeing as there are no rules, I combine tuna and salmon and top it with pickled daikon, tobiko, wasabi peas for crunch, mango, peppers, edamame, cucumber, crispy fried onions and a lightly spicy sriracha mayo sauce.

Green Republic Toronto

Salads are done by weight at $2.10 per 100 grams. I go for mixed greens among options of arugula, baby spinach, and baby kale, and top it with tofu marinated in soy, sambal, and lemon ginger flax dressing (one of the house options), along with a nutrient-packed combo of peppers, sunflower seeds, radish, and corn from an endless list of options.

Green Republic Toronto

Hydrate with Moore kombucha ($4.95) or free sparkling water on tap.

Green Republic Toronto

Coffee ($3 for an espresso, $4.50 for a latte) is made using Social beans.

Green Republic Toronto

Owner Pasha Pashandi and Chef Abdi Ghotb designed the entire concept and space from scratch. Elements like a sort of chandelier made of office lamps and large tables where no one sits alone really bring out the uniqueness of this urban dining hall and upscale cafeteria.

Green Republic Toronto

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