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Greedy Duck

Greedy Duck is a small restaurant specializing in spicy Wuhan-style cuisine—namely the Chinese province's famous hot and dry noodles  and spicy duck. 

If you've never tried Wuhan-style anything before, prepare your mouth for some intense burning sensations. While not everything in this cuisine is hot, mostly everything on Greedy Ducks's menu is. 

greedy duck torontoThe Qin family had been cooking duck in Wuhan for over 20 years before taking over an old tea shop, whose legacy lingers with a menu of ten bubble teas still up for sale at Greedy Duck. 

greedy duck torontoUsing a unique mix of pepper, chilli, star anise, cinnamon, and bay leaf, the Qin family marinades duck parts for anywhere between two and four hours, depending on which section of the duck it is. They then serve it in plastic boxes, which you can take to-go or eat in the restaurant. 

greedy duck torontoThere's eight duck parts available here—the most famous Wuhan dish being duck neck, which you can get here in three pieces for $8.99. There's also a menu of braised options like pork feet ($5.99 for four pieces) and lotus root ($3.99 for half a pound).greedy duck torontoYou'll find Wuhan-style duck is much bonier than regular chicken meat, though much larger. This reddish meat is chewy and at times tough to bite off the bone, but the deep, spicy flavour of the dishes is worth the struggle.

greedy duck torontoMake sure to throw on the plastic gloves provided to prevent mess, and I highly recommend getting an ice cold bubble tea to cool your mouth. 

greedy duck torontoSix pieces of duck wings ($6.99) will have you gnawing at these lean bones, but they're my favourite dish, with a huge kick of anise and the subtle sweetness of the cinnamon really coming through here. 

greedy duck torontoThe duck legs come in six pieces for $5.99 and are definitely meatier and easier to bite. 

greedy duck torontoAnd a box of duck hearts ($7.99 for half a pound) comes with several little pieces of these delicacies that sort of taste like liver but are much, much chewier. 

greedy duck torontoAs for noodles, there's four options, with the most popular being the classic hot and dry noodles with sesame sauce ($7.99), which are considered Wuhan's traditional dish. 

greedy duck torontoAccording to the Qin family, hot and dry noodles originate from the docks of Wuhan, where workers invented a dish that was hearty enough to sustain them throughout the day but convenient enough to eat, hence the absence of soup. 

greedy duck torontoThe real origins of these noods are unknown, but Greedy Duck has an excellent version of them. They're much less spicy than the duck, and if you don't want any spice, there's soup noodles with sliced beef ($9.99) or stewed beef brisket ($9.99).

greedy duck torontoIf you're not used to eating duck organs, this may be a new adventure for you. Those who appreciate the non-wasteful practice of using all parts of an animal plus a kick of spice, however, will enjoy this unique family-run endeavour.

greedy duck toronto

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