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Good Karma

Good Karma is a chain specializing in Indian food made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

The latest endeavour from restaurateur Hermant Bhagwani, this super casual concept is a lot different from the entrepreneur's other projects.

good karma torontoUnlike his coastal restaurant Goa Indian Farm Kitchen in Bayview Village, or Indian Street Food Co, the idea here is quick eats for the health-conscious diner (you can also find it in the food court at Fairview Mall).
good karma toronto

Indian cuisine tends to have a bad reputation for those with sensitive tummies and lactose interolerance, but according to Bhagwani, real Indian homecooking rarely involves much dairy. 

good karma torontoGood Karma's menu is almost entirely gluten-free, with plenty of vegetarian dairy-free options too. Expect lots of coconut milk and nut-based substitutions.

good karma torontoTypical smoothies, bowls, and salads found at your typical healthy eatery get an Indian twist, like the red lentil, edamame, and green peas salad ($8.95), which is served with corn kernels and bay leaves. 

good karma torontoSide orders of protein can be added to any base. Beyond Meat sausages are $5 and are a satisfying substitute for non-swine eaters. 

good karma torontoIf you're cool with meat, a big portion of tandoor chicken is an extra $6. 

good karma torontoButter chicken ($13), the Indian staple, comes with antiobiotic-free chicken and a tasty coconut milk-made tomato sauce. 

good karma torontoYou'll have to order it with something carby on the side, like their coconut brown rice ($5) or an order of housemade saffron vegan butter naan ($4). 

good karma torontoYou can get it with the kale Caesar salad ($8.95), which comes with Tuscan kale, vegan cheddar, cumin, and Caesar dressing made with cashew powder. 

good karma torontoMassive black pepper shrimp ($7) go well with the tofu and kale salad ($11), which comes with chickpeas and grilled tofu shreds in a light curry sauce. 

good karma torontoA rajma biryani ($12) is a mix of cauliflower rice and quinoa, with sweet potatoes and kidney beans. 

You can get it topped with an order of soft chicken kebab for $5. 

good karma torontoIf there's one thing you should definitely order, it's the sriracha chilli cauliflower ($11.50), something that's been a Bhagwani staple for the past 15 years. 

This gluten-free dish is battered with chickpea flour and tossed in a sambal and sweet chilli sauce. 

good karma torontoPickled turmeric eggs ($4) make for a less common side of protein. 

There are ready-to-go smoothies like the vegan mango lassi ($6) has coconut yogurt, soy milk, syrup, pistachios, and a deliciously strong kick from cardamom powder. 

good karma torontoThe vegan creamy avocado smoothie ($6) is less creamy and more watery, in large part to the coconut water added.

You won't taste much of the frozen mango, but it does use avocado, spinach, hemp hearts and chia seeds, meaning it's packed with protein. 

good karma toronto

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