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Ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens brings the delivery-only concept to a whole new level by offering multiple brands from one location that can be placed in the same order. 

ghost kitchens toronto

Started in 2017 by franchiser and entrepreneur, George Kottas, Ghost Kitchens now has over 15 locations across Canada and it's rapidly growing.

ghost kitchens toronto

Each location is different, with some set up more like a food court with dine-in sections. They're all entirely contactless, however, including the spot in Etobicoke where you place your order at a kiosk for pick-up. Or, you can get it delivered.

ghost kitchens toronto

The real draw is the fact that you can get a variety of different brands in one pickup or delivery order. That means you could order Butter Chicken for dinner, Ben & Jerry's for dessert, and an Iced Caramel Machiatto from Cinnabon to drink all in one go. 

ghost kitchens torontoThere are also a few consumer goods on the menu like Slush Puppies and Red Bull that you could add to your order.

ghost kitchens torontoWhether you have a large family or just find yourself often indecisive and torn between different options, this cool concept might be the solution. All locations are also open 24 hours so midnight cravings are not an issue.

ghost kitchens toronto

Currently, there are over 10 brands available at 270 Brown's Line including Quiznos, The Cheesecake Factory Bakery, and Cinnabon.

With three Cinnabons, two Quiznos, and just one Cheesecake Factory location in the city, the idea is to offer brands that are usually a bit more inaccessible and make them readily available.

ghost kitchens torontoThe team in the kitchen is cross-trained on all the brands to the specifications given by the brands themselves.

The Quiznos subs, salads from Saladworks, meals from Amaya Indian Street Food, and the Cinnabons are all prepared fresh instead of just being reheated.

ghost kitchens torontoThe options offered at Ghost Kitchens are continuing to grow, and they will soon even have their own dishes available which can already be found at some of the other locations. 

ghost kitchens toronto

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