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Garden Hong Kong Cafe

Garden Hong Kong Cafe is nostalgia come to life for fans of Canto-Western cuisine. This casual spot is known among Hong Kongers and Cantonese speakers as a cha chaan teng, that serves up classic comfort Hong Kong-style Western dishes.

Garden Hong Kong CafeCha chaan teng places used to be very commonplace around Scarborough and Markham, but it's becoming increasingly rare to have new restaurants of this type open up.

Garden Hong Kong CafeYou can't separate cha chaan teng's from pineapple buns (they don't contain pineapples). Garden's signature version ($5.50)  is fully loaded with ham, egg, tomato, mayonnaise and that ever-important thick butter slice. Their take on this classic sandwich is a good one.

Garden Hong Kong CafeThe noodles in the Scallion and Ginger Instant Noodle with Chicken Steak ($7.25) are nothing special (they are instant, after all) but the chicken and the housemade scallion and ginger dressing makes up for it with a delicious flavour reminiscent of Hainanese chicken rice.

Garden Hong Kong CafeThe thing to get here might just be the ridiculous Molten French Toast with Salted Egg Yolk ($5.99). Garden fuses the traditional Hong Kong-style french toast with the salted egg yolks to deliver an indulgent, sweet and lightly rich dish.

To save you the trouble of locating it on the extensive menu, just ask for "A2" - its current menu number code. You won't regret it.

Garden Hong Kong CafeAnd while we're talking ooey-gooey stuff, the Molten Egg on Luncheon Meat and Red Sausage Rice with Curry Sauce ($8.25) is another mindblowing menu option. This is a good bet if you're looking for something filling.

Garden Hong Kong CafeThe iconic Canto-Western dish macaroni in soup is represented here with the Pork Chop and Swiss Chicken Wings with Macaroni in Thick Tomato Soup ($7.75). It's a comforting dish though I would suggest the chicken wings are a bit out of place in the soupy tomato broth.

Garden Hong Kong CafeSince the 'cha' in 'cha chaan teng' means 'tea', an order of old-fashioned HK style milk tea ($1.99) is essential. Garden's variety is smooth and strong and you can sugar to taste.

Garden Hong Kong Cafe

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Garden Hong Kong Cafe

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