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Fountain is a retro-style soda shop that's right next door to Recess Diner . Brad Moore ( Old School ) owns and operates both spots and the two restaurants are connected from the inside and share a handful of menu items as well as a similar aesthetic. The contemporary soda fountain revival follows the lead of Brooklyn's Farmacy and Toronto's Bean & Baker Malt Shop .

Here, the decor spares no expense; plush red banquettes, stools with the added comfort of high backs and leather upholstery, and shiny chrome finishes contribute to the upscale, throwback vibe.

fountain restaurant toronto

Located at the base of the Art Condos across from 99 Sudbury, Fountain serves coffee and grab-and-go baked goods in the a.m. and sit down meals all day.

fountain diner toronto

The menu divides its focus between breakfast and sweets. Classics like bacon and eggs, cheesy French toast and pancakes are available around the clock, along with hand-stirred sodas and frozen treats.

Fountain Toronto

The vanilla milkshake is both a beverage and a dessert. It's thick and creamy as advertised, but damn is it expensive - $9 for a bevy without any booze just doesn't seem right.

Fountain Toronto

At least espresso-based drinks ($3.50) boast the added whimsy of custom printing using the Ripple Maker . The eatery plans to surprise guests with illustrations and motivational quotes atop their lattes, or personalized messages upon request.

Fountain Toronto

The breakfast burger ($14), available all day, offers better value. The griddle smashed patty boasts that lovely caramelized exterior I always love, and it's slapped with sliced cheddar and doused in comeback sauce , a creamy, peppery remoulade-like dressing.

Sugar crisp bacon and a sunny side up egg are what make this burger a breakfast food, though you can order it without all of the a.m. fixings if you go for the Classified Burger ($10).

Fountain Toronto

A strawberry fudge parfait is a decadent finish featuring layers of vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and hot fudge sauce. It's tasty for sure, but at $12, this sundae is too rich for my blood.

Fountain Toronto

Photos by Hector Vasquez.

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