Food Society Toronto

Food Society

Food Society dreams big when it comes to its concept, an urban healthy eatery with a ton of options, primarily in the form of customizable bowls. They hope to be open around the clock, serving not only this wholesome fare but coffee, cocktails, and putting on live shows.

They’re located on the lower floor of bE SixFifty Hotel, going for an almost Drake-like partnership that brings the all-day ambitions into sharper relief. The idea behind the name is that a society is made up of all different components that function together.

Food Society TorontoThe hotel location and society concept chunks the place into disparate areas, a more cafe-like front space, a lounge, and a back patio. 

Food Society TorontoMuch of the design was spearheaded by Lab Studio Design.

Food Society Toronto

The front cafe area encompasses the convenience of grab-and-go coffee and pre-made sandwiches as well as dine-in service great for getting some work done on the go.

Food Society Toronto

The back patio is actually carpeted with AstroTurf from the New York Giants football field.

Food Society Toronto

At the far end of it there’s a small stage where mellow bands play most nights.

Food Society Toronto

The acai smoothie bowl ($13) is one of the breakfasts offered, the emphasis on health throughout the menu thanks to chef Joe Friday of ViaVai and Calii Love. Banana, toasted almond, coconut, hemp seeds, all combine in this thankfully chocolatey vegan bowl.

Food Society Toronto

Avocado toast ($11) mashes avocado that’s just a tad grey and brown in places (most produce is organic so this isn’t unexpected, though for a simple dish it should be easy to control) onto whole wheat toast. Fortunately feta and tomato elevate the dish.

Food Society TorontoBuild-your-own bowls are $15, but there are also pre-conceived options like the Live Bowl ($12) with sustainable roasted salmon, organic turmeric cauliflower and curry chickpeas with roasted tomato on a bed of rice.

Food Society TorontoA vegetarian quinoa bowl ($11) is topped with corn (that might be easier to eat off the cob), peppers, cabbage, almonds, cheese, and raw jalapeno that adds bite to this very healthy-feeling dish.

A burger ($15) stands out against these options. It's a ground prime rib patty with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, and flavourful caramelized onions and truffle aioli on an Ace brioche bun.

Food Society Toronto

An Island Style bowl ($12) brings together health and cravings with jerk chicken, slightly soggy pineapple, cucumber and mango salsa on a bed of rice with aioli.

Food Society TorontoCocktails ($10) include a boozy Bourbon Aphrodisiac made with Buffalo Trace and a blended tea distilled “aphrodisiac” simple syrup, and a cucumber cooler made with simple syrup, lime, mint, cucumber and soda.

Food Society TorontoFood Society is meant to function as a gem for quality live music and a chill space for workers and students at the end of the day.Food Society Toronto

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