Xtreme Taste

Xtreme Taste

Xtreme Taste is serious about value, but is it seriously worth it? Pretty much — this is a hole in the wall that probably won't burn a hole in your pocket. Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, the takeout line generally stretches out the open door and curls around the front window, which is an auspicious sign.

Each customer is served by the laughing ladies behind the counter who quickly portion-out pre-made meats, fish and salads. But make sure you're paying attention when your turn finally comes, or you might be the recipient of a "Hey you! Your order!?" This is, by definition, serious business.

Xtreme Food

I'm now convinced by the seriousness of their customer base and business tactics, but what about the food? I keep coming back to the price of it all, which is seriously palatable. $4.79 for a chicken kebab plate with rice and a choice of three salads. $5.00 for a chicken breast sandwich with two salads on the side — same goes for the veal. Ravished with hunger, my two dining companions and I dug into our meals, anticipating ultimate midday satisfaction. Overall, we went 1/3 on the scorecard.

Xtreme Taste

The chicken kebab plate was a clear winner, with a couple of moist, well-seasoned pieces of meat and a nice-sized side of slightly soggy fatoush salad, pasta salad and rice. We actually all ordered the fatoush as one of our sides due to a prior recommendation. It was, alas, overly acidic from a bit too much vinegar and lime juice, though somewhat balanced out by the fresh parsley.

Xtreme Taste

The veal and chicken sandwiches both missed the mark. Served in a standard pita, the sodden veal cutlet was untraditionally coupled with lettuce and tomato and lacked a defining flavour, not to mention the tongue-tickling bite that should have come with my "extra spicy" request.

Xtreme Taste

It's clear that one's options are limited when trying to beat, or even match the price-point of Xtreme Taste for a Yorkville lunch. So, when treating your wallet to a break, this is a fast and affordable option, but don't expect a special treat for your taste buds.

Xtreme Taste

Writing by Jason Finestone. Photos by Abigail Ainsworth

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