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Egg Bird

Egg Bird serves burgers topped with eggs, and not-so-secretly shares its space with fried chicken shop Chubbs.

The brainchild of Hemant Bhagwani (Popa, Goa Indian Farm Kitchen) and Kevin Diaz, both concepts highlight local ingredients, explosive scratch sauces and global flavours.

There's an interior space with booths, and outdoors there's a patio shaded by an umbrella. The whole place exudes a very casual, comfort food vibe.

egg bird toronto

Burgers are made using 100 per cent beef brisket from Cumbrae's next door that's ground fresh every day.

egg bird toronto

They're all $10 and served on Martin's potato rolls, and come topped with a cage-free over medium Burnbrae egg by default, except for the Original.

egg bird toronto

The Cheeseburger comes with caramelized onions, bread and butter pickles, dijonnaise and cheddar. The patties aren't exactly smashed, but they're not too thick and have robust beefy flavour thanks to the fresh brisket.

egg bird toronto

We go eggless on an Argentinean Burger that's topped with crisp red onion and arugula as well as a great chimichurri that brings brightness to the whole burger.

egg bird toronto

A vegan Crispy Cauliflower burger tops a nicely crunchy, not at all soggy cauliflower patty doused in a spicy-sweet General-Tao-like sauce with a spicy slaw.

egg bird toronto

JD Fries ($9.50) are loaded up with BBQ sauce and bacon in three forms (pieces, a dust and a mayo), and also topped with a Jack Daniel's maple glaze, shoestring onions and chillies.

Eegg bird toronto

When it comes to Chubbs' range of $12 local halal chicken sandwiches (also served on Martin's rolls), the Jerk knocks it out of the park. It's sinfully deep-fried with its scratch jerk seasoning marinade and finished off with a pineapple pepper sauce and slaw.

egg bird toronto

It also feels a bit wonderfully wrong to top a Taiwanese chicken sandwich with a luscious egg, otherwise topped with Taiwanese ketchup, kewpie mayo and shredded cabbage.

egg bird toronto

A Bombay Masala sandwich is actually smothered in a cheese sauce that incorporates blitzed Cheetos, as well as a more expected mint chutney.

egg bird toronto

All milkshakes are $8.85, a little pricey but they really take it to the next level. What I expected to be a standard strawberry shake arrives topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, strawberry topping and a cute little square of strawberry mousse cake.

egg bird toronto

A Vanilla Coconut shake is one of their more out-of-the-box flavours, also topped with a piece of cake as well as coconut shavings. The sweetness of the coconut blends nicely with the vanilla, and adds a toasty tropical note. Blackberry Cheesecake, Banana Milk Chocolate and Black & White shakes are also available.

Egg Bird Toronto

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