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Easton's is a bistro on a mission to provide local and sustainable eats to the Danforth East when it comes to their menu of oysters, charcuterie, and an ever-changing selection of seafood dishes.

The corner storefront is named after owner Roger Murchie's mom's maiden name, who along with a team of dedicated staff, helped Murchie transform the spot that used to be the dive bar Scrum Delicious.

eastons torontoMurchie opened here after starting The Collective, made up of longtime hospitality workers who got tired of working for the man.

Cass Jodion is director of operations, though everyone just refers to her as "mom," and is usually found behind the bar whipping up a new cocktail. 

eastons torontoDuring the day, Murchie uses his 20-something years of experience cooking at Dundas and Carlaw and Mom's Basement. But once the clock strikes 5, Murchie is here, at what he calls his passion project.

eastons torontoAlthough the menu, usually consisting of 10 or so items listed on a small two-sided chalkboard, changes week to week, oysters are a permanent fixture. They come by the half ($15) or full dozen ($28) and are shucked by Murchie just behind the counter that doubles as the bar. 

eastons torontoLeslie Hardy Oysters from Malpeque Bay in PEI are served here and come with a briny flavour (a giveaway of a good East Coast oyster) and plenty of juice. That, plus plumpness and a really crisp sea smell, is what Murchie says is needed for a good oyster. eastons torontoA side of mignonette and cocktail sauce come on the side for added flavour, as well as freshly-shaven horseradish and lemon. 

eastons torontoThe shrimp, held by a seashell, is another that comes with the cocktail sauce. It's made fresh every morning and offers a sweeter than normal taste. Yuzu mayo is a citrusy Japanese version of mayo and pairs nicely. 

eastons torontoTorched peaches ($13) is one dish that unfortunately won't be around for much longer, made with Ontario peaches that are unbelievably sweet this time of year. 
eastons torontoMozzarella, mint, sumac and Canola oil, share the plate, which like the rest of the china and cutlery, was a handpicked find by Murchie. 

eastons torontoThe Yellowfin tuna ($19) is also seared by a blowtorch in the ovenless kitchen, creating a slightly crisp outer layer around the still raw, pink inside. 

eastons toronto

The tuna is served with egg and a tapenade paste consisting of black olives, capers and anchovies. Although I'm told this migratory fish is tough to get local, it's always MSC certified as is the rest of the seafood here to ensure it was caught in a sustainable way.

eastons toronto

Beef tartar ($18) is a favourite among the lineup of raw options. Murchie uses a tenderloin cut, which comes low in fat and is extremely tender. A pile of crunchy Miss Vickie's kettle chips balance out the rich flavours of the meat. 

The Loveblock sauvignon blanc from Marlborough in New Zealand, which is sustainable-certified, is the wine of choice if you're indulging in some seafood as it pairs perfectly. 

eastons torontoThere's also a list of cocktails. Elderflower gin fizz ($14) with St. Germain, prosecco, ginger, lemon, cherry, and you guessed it: gin has been the most-loved of the summer. 

eastons torontoTake a seat on their local patio that wraps around on Danforth and Westlake Avenue where every meal is chased with a shot of the Italian liqueur limoncello on the house. 

eastons toronto

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