Dr Generosity

Dr. Generosity

Looking for the "The Best Ever Tuna Sandwich"? You can find it in Toronto's Dr. Generosity; it says so on their menu. The name of the restaurant caught my attention when I was looking for a quick bite to eat around lunchtime. I decided to order their impressively-named tuna sandwich ($10 including soup), which was white albacore tuna blended with apples, celery, mayo, a bit of honey and chopped walnuts served on marble rye with alfalfa sprouts.

The chopped walnuts were a nice surprise and added some crunch to what was an excellent tuna sandwich (apologies for the abysmal photo; I only had my point-and-shoot camera, and the lighting was dim). Tuna is an underrated sandwich, in my opinion, and tends to evoke childhood memories of sad and soggy school lunches.

Dr. Generosity's sandwich was much better, and the amount of tuna filling was indeed generous. My only quibble was the bread which, though okay, seemed a little ordinary when compared to the superior filling. I also ordered a beef vegetable soup on the side which was good.

Service was friendly, and my server seemed to be in a remarkably good mood. That may sound like a little thing, but I've found that a surly server can colour an entire meal. I was tired and hungry (and admittedly slightly crabby from the crowds) when I went in but by the end of the meal I was happily full and feeling pretty good about the world in general. And no, I didn't have alcohol...though Dr. Generosity does offer a wine and beer list as well as a range of liquor, cocktails, coolers and cider .

The restaurant's menu ( which you can also browse online ) offers much more than just soup and salad, however, with a Mon-Fri lunch menu, special weekend brunch menu, and a kids' menu.

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