Double Ds Toronto

Double D's

Double D’s is the place to go in Toronto for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Don't expect thin crust Neapolitan style here. The pizza is gut-busting, cheesy, saucy, and dripping with butter. It also takes about 40 minutes to make so be prepared to wait.

Pies come in four sizes: personal, small, medium, and large, though personal pies are dine-in only.

Double Ds TorontoWe try a personal size of the Farmer’s Market ($12), topped with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, red onion, and spinach. They season their own mushrooms here with a secret blend, and they pop nicely in your mouth.

Double Ds Toronto

That’s the vegetarian option, but if you’re not bound by such restrictions, go for the Chicago classic with pepperoni and Italian sausage ($29 for a medium).

double ds torontoFor all pizzas toppings are layered between dough and sauce, creating that deep dish effect that’s almost more like a pie or quiche.

Double Ds Toronto

The jalapeno blue ($24 for a small) is the last of the three prescribed flavours on offer here, otherwise you’re free to choose your own combination of toppings.

It’s certainly the strongest, so if you love mouthfuls of pungent blue cheese and pickled jalapeno, come running. Otherwise, maybe steer yourself towards something less potent.

double ds torobtoThe owners were inspired by Lou Malnati’s in Chicago, famous for their buttered crust. Double D’s offers a faithful interpretation, the butter dripping down the sides of the crust and pooling on our metal plate.

Double Ds Toronto

This effect is especially emphasized when pizzas are cut at your table using a huge, appropriately barbaric double-handed knife.

Double D’s is licensed, though the offerings are simple: just two beers on draft, Amsterdam Big Wheel and Blonde ($6) along with Bud, Bud Light and Stella in bottles, red and white Gato Negro, and caesars all five bucks.

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