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Delux must be doing something right. We went in for the Cubano Lunch last Saturday at 2pm and were surprised to walk into a full house. Established on Lower Ossington since 2008, this continued success reveals consistency.

The first thing worth mentioning is the service. With only one person to greet and seat, take the orders, make the drinks (including blended cocktails and specialty coffees) bring the food and then the cheque; we were far more stressed out watching him than he was running around. He didn't just keep his cool, but served with personality and a smile. But not many people can handle such a large section and if that's how they normally staff the place, complaints about service or wait-times are inevitable.

Delux Restaurant Toronto

The menu is fairly limited: oysters, conch fritters and empanadas to start; two salads; four sandwiches; the Cuban dinner includes roast pork, rice, beans and a plantain salad; both green and ripe fried plantains; and either crème brûlée or donuts for dessert. Still, it's a nice selection considering the prices and portions allow you to sample a few dishes. Featured cocktails include a mojito and a mango mimosa.

We opt for the ultimate-Reuben-like Pressed Cubano (for $10 it comes highly recommended if you look to the comments below) over the Cubano Medianoche ($8). Both sandwiches are filled with cider cured pork shoulder, ham and gruyere, but the latter is too much bun. The Cubano Special includes the pressed sandwich, skinny fries with dip, and a bottle of Coca-Cola ($15).

Delux Restaurant Ossington

The jicama, cucumber, radish and green apple salad ($4/$8) is dressed in a light vinaigrette. Crunchy and refreshing, it makes a nice side to the richer foods, but is not quite a satisfying main.

Who can resist plantains done right? We tried both versions. The fried green plantains ($3) come crisp and salty like a potato chip. Two out of our group of three preferred the classic fried ripe plantains ($3), soft and caramel sweet for dessert.

Delux Ossington

Be sure to save room for the coffee and mini-donuts sprinkled in granulated sugar ($6). You can get them to go, and the Chantilly and dulce de leche for dipping is irresistible.

Standard wait-times, tasty food and a lively atmosphere. Delux delivers a good experience and is worth adding into a regular brunch or lunch rotation.

Delux Ossington Toronto

Writing and photos by Megan Leahy

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