It's Tuesday, it's raining and there's no food in the fridge. Naturally, all I can do is torment myself with thoughts of the scrumptious Saturday brunch I had a Daybreak (corner of Carlton & Church St) this past weekend.

Daybreak, formerly known as Eggstacy (and rightfully so), is a fantastic all-day breakfast spot that serves up dishes that put nearby Golden Griddle and Fran's to shame (which isn't hard, but seriously...).

Key elements that make this place the ultimate breakfast spot are:


Big Portions --

If you are one of those "super jumbo grandpa breakfast" kind of people, you can get your triple eggs, double bacon, double pancakes, double toast, and hashbrowns, kind of artery-stopper here.. Actually, what I just described comes in at $7.75 on the menu. No, unfortunately the waitstaff available to roll you home.


Health Conscious options --

Contrary to popular belief, not every amazing breakfast dish has to double your cholesterol count in a single serving. Go for an enormous salad (always served with dressing on the side) for under $7 or an egg-white omelet that's chock full of every veggie in the garden.


Easy on the grease! --

The big breakfast mentioned above , despite its enormity, hardly seemed like an totally unhealthy choice as not a single element of the dish was dripping with grease.

Even the traditional hashbrowns (not those cylindrical McCain kind), which are a notoriously oily order at most places, are light and fluffy with just enough crispiness.

Friendly service --

The wait staff here were helpful, friendly and always ready to top up the bottomless cups of coffee. The kitchen staff is also in plain view, not hiding in some grungy back-door kitchen.

So, you've been filled in... now, unless it's 4am in the morning, there should be no excuse to have the freezer-burned 'delights' at Golden Griddle on Carlton. Walk the extra few metres to Church St and enjoy.

Pictured above are the "Eggs and Assorted Baggage" with Turkey bacon ($7.75), the huge Garden Salad ($6.95)and the "Eggs Florentine" ($8.75).

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