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Crêpes à GoGo has changed its name to Yorkville Crepes.

Crêpes à GoGo has a steady stream of customers coming in and out of the open door on a warm afternoon. I silently wonder why they aren't all at work on a Tuesday in March, but then again, neither am I. The hum and whir of the espresso machine and French phrases fill the air as the wait staff call out orders to one another.

Before moving to its Yorkville location four years ago, the store sat on Bedford Road, north of Bloor. The small south-facing room houses around a dozen chairs at tables and several stools at the bar by the large window. Two crêpe stations are in constant use, and all of them are made to order.

Mich and I each chose a savoury crêpe from the dog-eared paper menu, which show a short list of salads and hot beverages, and an extensive list of sweet, sweet and savoury, and savoury crêpes. Most are vegetarian, but smoked salmon also features heavily in several of the savoury options. I struggle over my choice, the Rive Droite, with scrambled egg, sour cream, baby spinach and smoked salmon sounds delicious, but I opt instead for the lighter Parisienne, with scrambled egg, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, red onion and dill ($8.50). Crêpes range from simple sugar and cinnamon at $5.00 to the Rive Droite, above, which is $10.00.

Crêpes à GoGo

Our orders come to our table wrapped in wax paper in a shallow wicker basket - an easy option for anyone on the go.

The dill in the Parisienne perfectly compliments the fluffy egg and earthy mushroom. Mich has ordered the Italienne, which has sliced Swiss cheese, tomato, hard-boiled egg, leaves of basil and olive oil ($8.00). We sit in silence, mmming and aaahing as we finish our hot bites.

Crêpes à GoGo

For dessert we share the Crêpes à GoGo specialty, which are four "finger crêpes" that can each be eaten in three bites flat. We order the Festival ($6.00), with raw organic sugar, cinnamon, lemon and strawberries. Café au lait ($3.00) and cappuccinos ($3.00) are a smooth finish.

Crêpes à GoGo

Mich and I linger by the window taking in the Yorkville crowd before I introduce myself to Véronique (or "GoGo" as she is affectionately nicknamed), the owner. She chatters on about her business, the playful names of her dishes, and her inspiration while I watch her carefully craft a crêpe for a customer.

Worth noting (an in true Terroni-esque form), is that Véronique prides herself on sticking to her menu. She doesn't easily take requests for modifications to her menu or substitutions for ingredients - a rub that some patrons huff about.

But this kind of dedication has always been something I respect in a restaurateur. While you might argue that customer service and making your patrons happy should be your first priority, I also believe that diners should respect that menus are very carefully crafted and thought-out. With almost a decade in business in our city, Véronique must be doing something right.

Crêpes à GoGo

Over the years there have been several crêpe shops that have opened in Toronto, but owner Véronique isn't worried about competition. With a commitment to her product and a steady customer base, Crêpes à GoGo is certainly a staple amongst a new generation of Toronto's hand-held meals.

Crêpes à GoGo is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am - 6:30 pm, Saturday from 10:30 am - 6:30 pm, and Sunday 10"30am to 6:00 pm. Catering options are available. Check the menu out online. All above prices include taxes.

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