Concord Cafe

Eggs Florentine with a Chilean Twist

By the time I'd gotten myself out of bed it was nearing 2pm on Saturday. A late night out, and too much shochu at karaoke with some new Korean friends got the better of me on Friday night. I needed food, and pronto.

Sandwiched between Dufferin Grove Park and Christie Pits, Concord Cafe isn't exactly where you'd expect to find a Chilean restaurant. Nestled within an area dominated by laundromats, hardware, discount, and specialty stores, it's probably not the kind of place you wander into unless you're local, or in my case, introduced to the cozy cafe by a friend that lives in the neighbourhood.

Our server was great. He was visibly affected by the previous night as well, and between our milky organic coffee and our meal arrival we shared quick stories of our joys of the night previous and pains of the hung-over day upon us. I looked around at the walls. Black and white photographs depicting significant social and political events in Chilean history lined the red walls around me. As people passed, nearly every one of them stopped to chat with the staff behind the bar.

My meal arrived, and before I decided that I ought to review this new restaurant experience for blogTO, I was already fork and knife deep in my Eggs Florentine (sorry for the half-eaten state of my meal in the photo above, I was a little off, and very hungry). After tasting it, I decided I'd have to tell you about the food.

Concord Cafe's Eggs Florentine is really something - poached eggs, spinach, and a mildly spiced, chipotle hollandaise sauce, on a multi-grain English muffin. The Chilean twist (the smoky chipotle) gave just enough bite to remind me that this wasn't breakfast (although for some well-seasoned chili heat freaks it may be appropriate). It was served with two sides. The homefries were simply wonderful - freshly cut, lightly pan fried potatoes with caramelized red onions and slightly sweet pigeon peas. The salad was a mix of greens and red pimentos with a very light tossing in feta cheese. The serving size was perfect, and I was well on my way to feeling better. A few hours later, my Nuit Blanche would begin.

I'm looking forward to trying other brunch menu items at Concord Cafe. The Chilean omelet with black olives, tomato salsa, and raisins is in my sights!

Concord Cafe

937 Bloor Street West


(416) 532-3989

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