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Completo on Broadview

Completo on Broadview is the second outpost of the Leslieville favourite serving decked out Chilean-style hot dogs and empanadas. 

What started as a tiny operation in Kensington's cramped August 214 has expanded to this old hardware store in East Chinatown. 

completo torontoWith a huge front patio, plenty of seating, and a big stainless steel bar, it's easily several times the size of the Completo on Coady Avenue.

completo torontoWhile sleeker than the original, it's still pretty laid-back in here, with a diner feel that's perfect for gorging on saucy hot dogs. 

completo torontoCompleto's menu remains pretty much unchanged here, with all the favourites that's garnered a pretty significant fan following over the years. 

completo torontoI wouldn't suggest a visit without trying its namesake offering: the Completo hot dog ($8), eaten like the Chileans do: totally doused in sauces and toppings. 

The beef dog comes from Organic Rowe Farms, hidden somewhere beneath avocado, ketchup mustard, salsa with tomatoes and cilantro, and hot sauce. It's completely crushable, and if you're a fan of mayonnaise on street food, this place is for you. 

completo torontoThe veggie sandwich ($9.50) is another hit. The patty's made from black beans and chickpeas has a crispy outer crunch, covered with avocado, cucumber, diced tomatoes, mayo, and hot sauce.

Beware the extra runny egg. You can add fries for $3. 

completo torontoThe Completo poutine ($9.50) is another sauce-slathered indulgence, with russet fries, refried beans, melted cheddar cheese, and salsa.

completo torontoExtra points for the massive dollop of guacamole, and the tasty jalapeno crema drizzled on top. 

completo torontoOne thing that is new to the place is the empanada selection. Made in-house, options include ham and cheese with a side of mustard. 

completo torontoThere's also beef with a side of tomato salsa.

completo torontoThe standout is definitely the sweet one, with apples inside, served with a little bowl of whipped cream on the side. 

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Completo on Broadview

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