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Chi Dim Sum

Chi Dim Sum is a restaurant for all-day dim sum and a huge hodgepodge of Chinese staples. 

Self check-off lists and brusque service are not part of the dim sum experience. 

chi dim sum torontoThe spacious restaurant is definitely going for a more elevated vibe, where you can dine on hargow while sipping on cockails, maybe on the patio.

chi dim sum torontoWhile the menu is as expansive as most other Chinese restaurants—options range from BBQ's skewers to curries to baos— the dim sum portion is a more limited, curated version of what the owners personally like to eat. 

chi dim sum torontoBaskets of thick-skinned xiao long bao, sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, and chicken dumplings are nearly twice as expensive as tea houses in, say, Scarborough, ranging up to $8 a plate.

chi dim sum torontoBut if you're trying to eat dim sum at all hours of the day, and without your orders getting lost in translation, the extra cost might be worth it. 

chi dim sum torontoBig juicy pieces of siu mai ($6) are actually made with minced chicken instead of the usual pork and shrimp. 

chi dim sum torontoAlso in the dim sum menu are hand-sized baos at $4.50 each, stuffed with crispy beef, General Tao chicken, or pulled pork. 

chi dim sum torontoThe crispy chive pockets are a personal favourite. 

chi dim sum torontoComing from the grill are skewers of chicken, beef, or lamb meat ($8 for 3 skewers). There's also lamb, okra, and a slew of seafood options.

chi dim sum torontoLaksa noodle soup ($15) brings a Malaysian flare to the menu with a coconut curry broth, chicken, jumbo shrimp and rice noodles. 

chi dim sum torontoThe chicken green curry ($13.95) might be my favourite dish. 

chi dim sum torontoClassic Peking duck, cut table-side, costs $52.

chi dim sum torontoYour order will come with a basket of crepes, to wrap your sliced duck up with scallions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce to taste. It also comes with a lettuce wrap dish, with more duck meat minced up. 

chi dim sum torontoA decadent shrimp in lobster sauce dish ($18) is served in a skillet, and comes with jumbo shrimps, egg sauce, minced chicken and soy sauce. 

chi dim sum torontoThe Mangotini ($13), made with vodka, peach and mango liquers, is a surprisingly good way to wash down a huge meal of Chinese eats.

chi dim sum toronto

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Chi Dim Sum

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