C'est Bon Toronto

C'est Bon

I will admit that I have my favourite Chinese restaurants in the city that I typically go to - Swatow, Hua Sang and Lai Wah Heen - but I have never been one to not try something new. Heck, this place is a lot closer to my digs than the others.

But the name... je ne comprend pas ! A Chinese restaurant called C'est Bon. How can I take that seriously?

It would take a very cold night, lack of time and laziness to get me to go to the restaurant. I was catching Flags of Our Fathers at the Silvercity at Y&E. I had less than an hour to eat and I didn't want to go too far.

We walked into the very small dining room of about 12 tables and were quickly attended to. Not quite the rush hour, we were seated in a comfortable booth and given the menus. A few moments later, our waitress was there to take our drink and food order.

The food came quickly, but I didn't feel rushed...considering I was in a rush. My chicken and corn soup and Mark's wonton soup arrived at the table steaming and smelling yummy. It was just what I needed to warm me up.

Next up, we shared the Cantonese Chow Mein and a chicken and broccoli dishes. Nothing super crazy, but these two dishes can very easily be made wrong (believe me on this!).

The Cantonese Chow Mein was quite good. The stir-fry, a combination of vegetables, seafood and meats that topped the noodles was flavourful. However, the noodles were not what I was expecting. It was more like a raman noodle, not a typical thin egg noodle. It just didn't have the right taste that I expected.

The chicken and broccoli was good. Nothing surprising, just good. It was what I wanted and it met that expectation.

PS. The one French connection the restaurant did have was the pictures of Chateau Frontenac. There are probably about 8 of them on the wall. I will have to ask the next time...had to rush to see the movie.

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