Cadillac Lounge

The Cadillac Lounge

I've been to the Cadillac Lounge many times to grab a pint and chill on their huge back patio, but it wasn't until recently that I sampled the food. The occasion? It was their 6th year anniversary party, but that was just coincidental. It also happened to be around dinner time and my friends and I were all famished.

I opted for the vegetarian curry ($8.95) and what arrived was a huge plate of green slop served on top of a bed of rice which had an eery resemblance to the Uncle Ben's 5 minute variety. (read: nasty)

The dish might have been saved had the green slop had some taste. But someone forgot to tell the chef to add some spices. Or any fresh ingredients.

The selections made by my friends were equally unsuccessful. Someone ordered chicken fingers and fries ($8.95) and described it as a low grade version of something you'd take out of the freezer at home.

The victim who opted for the poutine ($5.95) pointed out it lacked traditional cheese curds and instead dressed soggy and underwhelming ( McCain? ) fries in a pool of fake gravy and low grade mozzarella.

The whole experience was enough to swear me off their food menu forever. But I will go back for the patio and the drinks (if they'll have me).

Photo by Sniderscion in the blogTO Flickr pool

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