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Burro Burrito College St.

My quest for Toronto's best burrito has brought me to Little Italy . Burro Burrito is only days old - or at least the canvas sign is - as an end to a partnership has resulted in a name change for the burrito joint formerly know as Bar Burrito .

The good news - at least for fans of Bar Burrito - is that the name is the only change. The food, staff and service are all the same as before.

Today I came here for one of the recent additions to the menu - the fish burrito. Not too many places in Toronto offer seafood burrito options so when I see fish (or in the rarer case - shrimp) on the menu I usually go for it. At Burro Burrito though, it'll cost you. $7.50 for an 8 inch and $8.75 for a 12 inch. More standard steak, chicken or soya burritos here top out at $6.85.

When I ordered the burrito, I was advised that it would be about 10 minutes because the fish is cooked fresh to order. No problem. Some things, I have come to learn, are worth the wait. Would this be one of them?

Burro Burrito

Unlike the burrito at Mexitaco , this 12 incher comes straight up, rolled in wax paper and folded with some napkins in a basket. Inside, a slightly toasted flour tortilla is filled with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, unidentifiable (but tasty) sauce and, in this case, freshly grilled chunks of superbly spiced, lightly-breaded tilapia. (I opted to have mine without the cheese as they don't offer any non-dairy alternatives)

The verdict - as if I didn't already give it away - is that the burrito ranks up there with the best I've had in the city. At 12 inches, it was big enough to make a meal and the toasted burrito, fresh toppings and succulent fish are definitely the game changers.

Burro Burrito

That said, the $8.75 plus tax price tag creates a bit of a dilemma given the Fish Store down the street offers a cheaper and very tasty fish sandwich alternative for a little less.

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