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Pii Nong Thai

Pii Nong Thai brings an exciting menu to Leaside with Bangkok-style street food and desserts.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Nana, who had been working at the Thai staple Khao San Road for seven years before breaking off to launch her own project.

buabua thai torontoNana's experience cooking in a food stall with her mother as a child should hint at the level of skill demonstrated the kitchen. Watching her make flower-shaped dok jok ($10) is totally mesmerizing. 

buabua thai torontoThe menu is diverse, and aside from the usual favourites like penang green curry, includes some Thai dishes that are slightly less common. 

buabua thai torontoFirst off, Nana is one of the only people in the city that makes khanom buang. This crepe-like street fare, made from pandan meringue batter and filled with an egg yolk sugar mixture, need to be ordered in advance. 

buabua thai torontoA som tum, or papaya salad ($11), is a mixture of hand-shredded green papayer, carrots, peanuts, and long beans that's lightly pounded with fish sauce in a mortar and pestle from Thailand. 

It's way more effective than a simple toss, and the pounding actually helps the papaya absorb the dressing for a super flavourful salad. 

buabua thai torontoGai satay ($7) offers up chicken skewers that have marinated in coconut milk for 24 hours.They're definitely not stingy with the peanut satay sauce. 

buabua thai torontoA calamari grabong ($13) makes other deep-fried calamari seem bland in comparison. Nana's grabong batter uses a red curry paste and lime leaf batter.  On top of that, the dip—a basil mayo sauce—is unreal. 

buabua thai torontoThe massaman curry ($17) is some of the best I've ever had. It's made with potatoes, peanuts, and coconut milk.

buabua thai torontoIt's rich but not overly creamy, with a tamarind reduction lightening up the dish. 

buabua thai torontoThe chiang mai khao soi ($16) is the 21st century obligatory Thai order, with braised beef and crispy egg noodles that soak up the curry soup. 

buabua thai torontoThe street-style pad thai ($13) noodles are perfectly springy. 

buabua thai torontoAnother favourite is the grilled pineapple fried rice ($16), which comes with a generous portion of pineapple on chicken and shrimp fried rice. 

buabua thai torontoLaap salad ($10) is a minced chicken dish served with a side of sticky rice for wrapping in the lettuce leaves provided. 

buabua thai torontoCoconut sticky rice that's infused with pandan leaves ($10) is a perfect way to end off a meal, with a mango slice rose and coconut sauce served on the side. 

buabua thai toronto

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Pii Nong Thai

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