Bombay Bhel

Bombay Bhel

Indian food and me have never got along very well. Certain spices can knock me out like a bad 'specialty' coffee (and I don't get sick days as a freelancer), but still, every once I get just brave enough to have some. Thankfully, this week's stop at Bombay Bhel with some friends went deliciously well.

Long debates with the menu added up to an order of:

Four samosas (veggie and non), Chicken Curry, Channa Masala and a Vegetarian Thali spread along with rice and naan.

Samosas arrived first. Though I was a little wary of what was seemed to be pretty heavily fried starters, the dough was thin and crisp and the ingredients were soft and fresh tasting.

Pictured at the top, the Vegetarian Thali contained an mix of traditional, naan, dal, raita, papadum, pickle, dessert (rice pudding) and two vegetables of the day.

Dishes like this are my favourite in any kind of restaurant 'cause they let you try a small amount of many things instead of sticking to one or two flavours. This assortment was great and a nice blend of the veggie menu. Spinach, lentils, cheese, you name it, it was all cooked to perfection and very filling. The only miss for me was the rice pudding style dessert, but I am not much of a fan to begin with so perhaps someone else would love it.

Chicken Curry (with steamed onions and tomatoes) was a hit with the guys at the table... I didn't get much of a taste, but the one piece I did sneak was tender and not too wildly spicy.

The Channa Masala, a favourite here, was also (again) so well presented and stewed. The dish is essentially spicy curried chick peas... but like the Indian name, it's so much nicer than it reads in the description.

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