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Black Bear

Black Bear specializes in Japanese fusion cuisine. It sits in a Markham strip plaza where Sushi on 7 used to be.

black bear torontoThe inside is basic with a smattering of wood tables, murals on the wall and mostly track lighting.

black bear torontoThe thing to start with here is the K-Pop Chicken ($10). It's battered tender chicken cuts fried and served in skewers with dipping sauces. Try the spicy and sweet gochujang dip to really make the whole thing click.

black bear torontoThe Japanese Fusion Fries ($10) come coated with a drizzle of miso-infused mayonnaise. The slightly battered fries are perfectly crisp but the overall flavours are a little mentaiko-heavy for my tastes.

black bear torontoMuch more interesting is the Creamy Mentaiko Omelet Rice ($14), which is essentially a take on Japanese omurice. The creamy rich mentaiko-infused sauce coats the tender shrimps just right.

black bear torontoThe Udon Carbonara ($13) comes with bacon, mushrooms and cream sauce mixed with chewy Japanese udon. Bacon lovers will want to order this.

black bear torontoThe Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Burger ($14) is juicy chicken served between two dense pan-fried rice patties. I kind of feel this would have worked better using traditional buns.

A better option is the Soft Shell Crab Burger ($14). It's equal parts crunchy and tender and served with spicy tartar that makes the whole thing click. Just be prepared for a messy meal when you get one of these.

black bear torontoTo drink, there's the Passionate Star ($9.50) which is basically an upside-down Stella mixed with passion fruit juice.

black bear torontoThere's also a virgin Mango Paradise ($6.50), a fruity mix of mango, passion fruit, Yakult, and soda.

black bear torontoMy favourite might be the velvety smooth and rich Purple Sweet Potato Milkshake ($8). It's a sweet ube milkshake with whipped cream.

black bear torontoFor dessert, go for the Pineapple Creme Brulee ($11) served in a hollowed pineapple fruit bowl. There's something about combining the sweetness of pineapple with caramel that simply makes the dish sing.

black bear torontoOr, the Matcha and Red Bean Panna Cotta ($8) would also be a light and satisfying cap to your meal.

black bear toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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