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Baked on Brock

Baked on Brock slings their own house-made sorbets, juices, smoothies and sandwiches along with Greg’s all natural ice cream that's offered in inventive ways like wrapped in bubble waffles or turned into thick shakes.

baked on brock torontoJust a few steps further up Brock than pocket coffee shop Haven, this spot is still owned by the same folks but is now being rented by John Lee, a photographer by day who thought this would be the perfect way to subsidize his milkshake habit while sharing his passion with others.

baked on brock torontoThere’s not much space to speak of, just a counter inside with a few mini fridges holding juices and sodas. All sorbets are made right here, with two blenders. Grapefruit and champagne are some of the more popular flavours, though banana and lavender fudge are also standouts.

baked on brock torontoOther than drinks, shelves also hold other house products like jams, which were actually something Lee was toying with before sorbets and the like.

baked on brock torontoLee changes up the fun flavours on his menu regularly. Here you'll find a selection of ice cream options like roasted marshmallow, honey vanilla, orange cream, and stout, though regulars like like strawberry tend to stick around.

baked on brock torontoThis allows for creations such as the grape juice milkshake ($8 for two scoops, $10 for three...obviously we went for three) made ultra-thick using a Hamilton Beach machine, the same one used at legendary diners known for their shakes such as the Lakeview.

baked on brock torontoA single scoop ($4) of roasted marshmallow on a cone tastes really smoky and toasty, and Lee tops it with some crunchy maple flakes that bring out the sweetness. It's also drizzled with Nutella syrup for some extra indulgence.

baked on brock torontoAll sandwiches are $9, including a triple grilled cheese with jalapeno havarti, smoked provolone, and brie on rye.

baked on brock torontoA little sriracha mayo adds a kick to the gooey mountain of cheese.

baked on brock torontoA Hong Kong waffle ice cream taco is also $9 for two scoops on a fresh made bubble waffle.

We add a scoop of cookies and cream to our roasted marshmallow this time, and again Lee tops the whole thing with Nutella syrup and maple flakes, as well as some crunchy, woody pecans to complete the picture.

baked on brock torontoDespite its size, Baked on Brock does boast an eccentric little patio done up with funky chairs, umbrellas and cool pillows, which is something not many tiny ice cream spots have.

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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