Awas Tea Noodle Toronto

Awas Tea Noodle

Awas Tea Noodle is a quaint eatery serving high-quality tea and homestyle Taiwanese food.

Offering all the best of traditional Taiwanese eats, Awas is a relaxing pit stop when you're looking for refreshingly affordable comfort food like classic beef noodle soups and rice bowls.

awas tea noodle torontoIt's also the only dining establishment in Toronto where you can try tea from Awas Tea, the biggest tea distributor in Taiwan, after which the restaurant gets its name.

awas tea noodle torontoAs an official agent of the brand, Awas Tea Noodle offers a few different high-quality blends shipped from Taiwan, including two amazing cold-brewed teas.

awas tea noodle torontoThey're served in vials that are refrigerated overnight, resulting in less caffeine with the same amount of antioxidant benefits. You can get a cold green tea or osmanthus oolong tea for $3.99 each.

awas tea noodle torontoWhen it comes to food, husband-and-wife owners Melissa Chiu and Alex Yu years of restaurant experience, with past food projects in Taiwan, P.E.I., and Vaughan.

awas tea noodle torontoTheir process includes a delicious beef bone broth that's been boiled for more than 40 hours.

It's one of the best broths I've tried, and you'll find it in all of their noodle soup options, like the spicy beef noodle soup ($11.99), which comes with super tender chunks of meat.

awas tea noodle torontoA dish of very tender chicken comes in a super oily and delicious spicy sesame sauce for $7.99.

awas tea noodle torontoAn order of chicken cutlet is juicy and perfectly fried.

awas tea noodle torontoMinced pork on rice ($7.99) is a Taiwanese staple, and Awas' portion is a great bang for your buck, with marinated egg and bok choy.

awas tea noodle torontoA bowl of rice and braised pork belly ($11.99) is another popular dish in both northern and southern Taiwanese cuisine.

awas tea noodle torontoGiven Taiwan is the boba capital of the world, there's naturally also bubble tea available here.

awas tea noodle torontoThere's classic milk teas ($4.99/large), tea lattes ($5.59), and milk foam teas ($5.59/large). The foam is impressively thicker than at other spots that offer it.

awas tea noodle torontoFittingly located in one of the most affordable neighbourhoods, Awas Tea Noodle shines with its great prices and high-quality Taiwanese eats.

awas tea noodle toronto

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Awas Tea Noodle

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