Amuse Bouche

Just past the hubbub of King West, on the quiet and dark street of Tecumseth, chefs Jason Inniss and Bertrand Alepee are cooking up delight after delight in their restaurant, Amuse-Bouche .

Outside of this house-turned-restaurant is a small patio lit by simple candles and one dominant light on the resto name. Take a few steps inside, and past a dark velvet curtain lies their charming red dining room, housing fifteen tables -- all very close to one another.

On this night, my family and I are parked at a nice round table at the front of the room.

We decide to go for the four-course menu ($65 per person). Although the chef is supposed to decide what those four dishes are, we request that the main course is beef tenderloin. Everyone at the table had seen the menu previously and was craving the Alberta meat.


But the night starts off with their amuse-bouche, a hefty spoonful of rare tuna on top of a creme mixture. It was certainly a nice greeting and set the stage for what would be a memorable experience for all at the table.

Next up we had the scallop carpaccio with crispy salad and a truffled passion fruit vinaigrette. The thin slices of scallops also accompanied with caviar and pomegranate seeds offering a smooth salty and sweetness to the delicious dish.

Following the seafood dish came the second appetizer, a mouth-watering pan-seared Quebec fois gras done two ways. The first was made with a simple spiced reduction, the other with a citrus tone on top of a ultra thin crostini.

Just before our beef dish, a small scoop of mandarin and pink peppercorn palate cleaner arrived to take away the seafood and rich flavours of the duck livers. We were ready for the third dish.

The non-bloody rare grilled tenderloin was topped with a pocket of creamy blue cheese and flavoured with their szechwan pepper jus. Yum-my! Served with fingerling potatoes and a few other veggies, the dish was also accompanied with an autumn purse, a pleasantly surprising package filled with root vegetables.

To finish off the meal, we were all served different desserts. At the table (at which I had a bite or two from) were a pumpkin creme brulee, panna cotta with raspberries, lemon and chocolate tart and an apple tart with mini caramel apples - one of the best dessert plates I have had in my life.

P.S. Look for the little figurines of the cochons ...oh yes, in this resto, pigs certainly can fly.


Amuse-Bouche Restaurant

96 Tecumseth Street

Toronto, ON

(416) 913 5830

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