Alchemy Toronto

Alchemy Food & Drink

Alchemy Food & Drink is a place to go for beers and sharing plates with live music and a patio. It’s on College Street where Fat City Blues used to be.

The name Alchemy embodies a kind of general nerdy-cool vibe, and no, their logo isn’t a reference to Harry Potter.

Alchemy Toronto

They’ve kept a lot of good things about the old space while still making way for the new. The vibrant teal upholstery and rustic vibe has stayed, but bars and performance spaces have been shifted around, the mirror from behind the Fat City bar now above the piano painted with the logo.

Alchemy Toronto

A pretty sidelong patio is a highlight, covered with breezy awnings and mostly featuring long benches with bright comfy cushions and long tables good for group meetups.

Fried chicken and latkes ($13) from the shareable portion of the menu are comforting and craveable, mini fried chicken bites, sauteed greens, some nice homemade latkes and a rich white gravy.

Alchemy Toronto

The “smash” burger ($15) is something you just want to ask for a bite of, a simple but well-executed homemade beef patty topped with American cheese, seared onion, tomato, and garlic aioli, served with house greens or crispy fries.

Alchemy Toronto

A “bacon, blue & brussels” dish ($10) is a hit, flavours of salty, fatty thick cut bacon, creamy crumbled blue cheese and perfectly cooked, tender brussel sprouts blending into a snack that feels both indulgent and balanced.

Alchemy Toronto

The pulled beef po boy ($15) isn't the most exciting, basically a braised beef sandwich stuffed into soft bread with yuzu aioli, but deep-fried kimchi really kicks it up a notch.

Another main like the burger among options like mackerel or mac n’ cheese, this also comes with greens or fries.

Alchemy Toronto

A Rusty Tromba ($12) is a tequila-forward cocktail from the “fire” portion of a menu divided roughly into elements that seem to describe their character.

It’s certainly boozy with an edge of citrus provided by Cointreau, Lillet, and lime, and it’s topped with a little Helles Yeah! lager for some carbonation.

Alchemy Toronto

The Sweet Rosie ($12) is a bit more refreshing but more basic, Dillon’s rose gin combined with Peychaud’s bitters, lemon, and soda.

Alchemy Toronto

Ben Swirsky partnered with his friend and chef Matt VanderHelm to co-own and run this place. Long dreaming of operating a music venue, he figured this was the perfect way to make both his and VanderHelm’s passion a reality.

Alchemy Toronto

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Jesse Milns

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