Ackee Tree

Ackee Tree Jamaican Cuisine

I'm addicted to Roti, and I have a feeling that a lot of other people are too.

The only Ackee Tree I've been aware of is the one that resides in the Eaton Centre and the one that is on the way to the funeral services wing of Humber College . Despite my new addiction, I had never ventured over to their kiosks to try some Caribbean fare. But not too long ago, a brand new Ackee Tree opened at Spadina and Queen. Now, this isn't any old run of the mill roti kiosk, it's an actual sit down, be served on proper (read: stylish) plates and check out the great interior design type of restaurant.

I already have a hankering for more, so that alone should tell you that I'm definitely going back for the juicy goodness that constituted the boneless curry chicken roti. But to add a little pizzazz to the roti, it was partnered with some ever so tasty coleslaw. You read that right. Coleslaw. I'm not a huge fan of "the slaw" but rave reviews all around from my dining partners. I too was rather impressed. It wasn't the brutal over processed stuff that you get from say, KFC. It was a delightful mix of cabbage, spice and some sweet tasting sauce. Simple, but good.

I think the kicker to the whole meal was the fried plantain that was placed on top of the massive meal. Personally I could have eaten a whole BOWL full of fried plantains but just having this little piece of yum was enough to know that what I was about to delve into was going to be very satisfying. Of course there are other West Indies favorites like jerk chicken, oxtail, etc. so the choices are indeed there and just like their sign says, they're not fast food, they're good food fast.

We happened to snag a spot at the window so we were able watch the late night revelers along Spadina. The garage style window rolls right open, so it's a great place to have a good meal and enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Toronto. That, matched with really pleasant servers make Ackee Tree definitely irie. Fully licensed.

Ackee Tree

170 Spadina Avenue

Toronto, ON

M5T 2C2


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